To the Editor:

An open letter to John Carter, John Cornyn, Ted Cruz, and the entire Texas delegation of congressional leaders: The stakes are very high; I implore you take your jobs seriously. 

You have reduced yourselves to bumbling clowns and we are not laughing. 

You cannot continue to use standoffs and stall tactics as a means of governing by force.  

It is breaking us as a nation and destroying the legislative process. 

You’ve acted the fool, thinking this was a game of baseball.  

You decided to give yourselves four outs instead of three and demanded 12 innings instead of nine, to give yourself more time or advantage to get what you wanted. 

You will always lose behaving this way, as you have recently done once again. We have rules in sports or chaos ensues.

You are congressional leaders and must abide by both the written and unwritten rules of civility, mutual respect and teamwork, to bring about honorable compromise for the good of all the people living in the districts you represent and serve. There are no winners in chaos. 

Your congressional duties are serious undertakings of great magnitude and far-reaching consequence, not a game in which you attempt to change the rules and expect to get away with it. 

How dare you shame yourselves in front of all of us here in Texas and before the entire world!

The American people now hold you in the lowest regard ever recorded. Your record is rotten. We are sickened by the stench of your willful stagnation.

Get back to work and clean up your act — now.  

Irene Andrews  


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Dr Strangelove

MammaKKK_G posted “a whole bunch of males around here who have their brains between their legs.” I have noticed she has males parts between their legs on her mind a lot—maybe frustration? She’s mad the we righteous males don’t support the killing of babies and black people which she does support—obvious she has dead meat between her ears. HOO-RAY, HOO-RAY for the NEO-KKK=DNC!

I’m a righteous Christian Male and I approve this message.


Irene is nothing but a ventriloquists' dummy for our marxist president, parroting his lies. Republicans sent bill after bill to the senate funding the government where left wing obstructionist Harry Reid killed them. Obama has no clue how to govern. This issue is too important to let left wing liars like Irene go unchallenged.

Mamma Griz

Well, thank God I can't be arrested fopr what I'm thinking about some of the people who have made comments to this letter to the editor. Just suffice it to say there must be a whole bunch of males around here who have their brains between their legs. I heard that a woman's brain and a man's brain are different. Of course-- a woman's brain is between her two ears.


how would you know?


Welcome back, Mamma G.

You haven't posted in a while... I was worried about you.
Hope you've been okay. [smile]


Irene is correct and remember the Tea Party bullies whom now control the once fine and honest ( Abe helped start the GOP) and decent normal folks loyal to the USA but now the evil tea party have taken over the GOP and have threated shut down the government all over again unless they can screw us folks whom are on or paying into the Social Security fund so as to have more money so poor rich SOB like Abbott or Perry will not have to pay taxes.

But when you said local GOP I hoe you include those NRA gun nut pro life good ole boys whom are in the bulling business the Texas GOP .

I hope Wendy wins and Sues all the good ole boy GOP for violate women's Constitutional rights and civil rights that men especially gun nut good ole boys have total control over women. The Texas GOP seems to forget this is the USA yes Yankee USA and not Afghanistan . or the no longer KKK controlled Rebel South.And the Texas GOP seems to have forgot the the GOP once supported freedom and went to war to free the slaves but now are at war on women for holy reasons the same holy reasons that Texas join the rebel cause. to control folks .

Dr Strangelove

Are you on drugs? The GOP today is DemocRAT Lite. How dare you insult our Lord and Savior Jesus by calling him a liberal! Maybe you should crack open the Gospels and check Jesus was never for perverted sex, same sex marriage, and killing God’s babies. You support Davis who never saw an abortion she didn’t like—you speak volumes on what’s wrong with this country. Heck the DNC last time had to vote to put God in their platform—give me a break! People like you and Davis that support the killing of American citizens are no better than Nazis. Most abortion mills are in minority neighborhoods why is that? Because you white DemocRATS can’t hang black people on trees anymore—took the GOP to stop it. You racists go after them in the womb. DNC is the new KKK!

You seem to forget this President doesn’t negotiate. Clinton negotiated until the last minute it was the DemocRats that caused this. VIVA TED CRUZ!


The people hold these guys in the highest regard and you are the stench that is ruining our country. I don't know what kind of cool aid you are drinking but you need to get off it and ask God to forgive you.

Dr Strangelove

Irene Andrews the American people now hold you and bleeding heart liberals like you in the lowest regard ever recorded. Your record is rotten. We are sickened by the stench of your willful stagnation of the American taxpayer with your social welfare programs that is taking this country down to its knees.

Get to work stop listening to MSNBC, drinking the Kool Aid and do some research— now. This is one of the dumbest letters I’ve read in years


Sir I am one of those bleeding hearts Liberals ( Since Jesus was also a Liberal whom bleed I am in good company)
Yes I agree Obama is a tyrant whom wants to control every one and I support impeaching him.
But so far the GOP ( whom once used to be a in the center and spoke for most Americans ) but now the GOP has moved so far to the right they cannot walk straight and are just as much a bully as Obama thanks to the tea party )

And i fully support Wendy for Governor . But on the Presidential election I don;t want either a Tea Party bully or a Democrat bully but simply a normal human being so I may end up voting by a write in vote for George 3 ( the future King of England ) As I see him doing less damage to the USA than either the GOP/ tea party or the Democrat Party.

HOw ever if the GOP will get over the Taliban view of women and go back to the better days of the GOP like IKE ( whom for years was a GOP but switched his party to win the election.) If the GOP would put up a Women like K B Hutchison as the choice for President . I would vote for her . But as the Texas GOP has shown they hate women and other normal humans.


Unfortunately, the people you should really be mad at live in Washington DC and they are called "liberals" and "democrats"; they are the ones who shut down the government.

You really should do proper research into how our country actually operates prior to ranting like a deranged clown in the paper-you really should.


You seem to forget it was Ted Cruz and the tea party leading the GOP around by the nose whom shut down the government. And they are on record of saying they will do it agin if Social Security is not cut or reduced ( both the GOP and Democrats seem to forget the it was THEY whom stole all the money that was put in that SS fund to pay for their dam wars So both parties should pay us whom pay into the SS fund interest plus the money the stole from the SS Fund.)


Uhhmmm...WRONG. You are entitled to your opinion, but not your own facts.

The only way you have to freedom is to stop lying to yourself and stop lying about what is really going on in our country.

Just stop lying.




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