Nolanville reader points to growing  evidence of collusion with Russians

To the Editor:

President Trump, VP Mike Pence and Chief of Staff Priebus claimed for months that no one from the campaign had communications with the Russians.  

Attorney General Sessions had multiple meetings with Russia and lied to Congress.

National Security Advisor Flynn fired for having back channel communications with the Russians.

Campaign Manager Paul Manafort met with the Russians and lied about it.

Foreign Policy Advisor Carter Page met with the Russians with the blessings of the campaign and initially lied about it.

Adviser JD Gordon also met with the Russians.

Jared Kushner discussed secret back channels with the Russians and a Russian bank but did not remember to state this in filing his security clearance.  

Kushner, Manafort and Donald Trump Jr. went to a meeting at Trump Towers with a Kremlin connected Russian lawyer who said she had damaging information on Hillary Clinton when it was known the Russians had hacked information from the DNC.

Kushner still has the highest security clearance.  

Although our investigation and security agencies have no doubt, Trump continues to definitively deny that the Russians were trying to meddle in our elections.

With over 18 meetings with the Russians — how much lying, amnesia and forgetfulness are you willing to overlook to sacrifice and endanger the security of our country?

Trump repeatedly promised he would be a bulwark against dishonesty and would always tell the truth and be a beacon of transparency.

No evidence of this at all.

I wonder when the walls of Jericho (Trump’s Tower of fabrications) will come tumbling down under its own weight?

Perhaps sooner rather than later.

Irene Andrews


(4) comments


Wow. Absolutely laughable.


There's no evidence whatsoever supporting your views, which are, frankly, laughable. This is all a smoke screen developed by angry, intolerant liberals who lost an election they were told they were entitled to win. The fact that you believe a word of your own letter says it all.


I wonder if any of them told Putin they could be more flexible after the election?


Collusion with the Russians? Oh, you mean when Hillary sold 20% of our uranium stockpile to them? You dimwitted libtards need to come up with something new.

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