Nolanville reader questions city council’s authority in smoking ban

To the Editor:

Last night at the city council meeting, there was much discussion about the upcoming ordinance change regarding smoking. One council member said it was his God-given right to protect children from harm, so he was for making it a crime for people to smoke in their cars when children are present.

He needs to clarify this. Is it his right control what the children drink? We know sugary drinks are much of the cause of obesity in children and this is a health issue causing shorter lifespans. Does he want to make it a crime for parents to make sugary drinks available to their children?

One of the people said the raising of children is a community issue not just a parent’s right. Does this mean the city has the right to control the raising of children from birth to adulthood?

We are supposed to let our council know how we feel about this at a special workshop. Will citizens attend?

Edward D. Mitchell


Trump right to criticize NATO partners on spending, reader says

To the Editor:

I wish that the one-sided condemnation of the president that is so prevalent today would disappear and that facts be considered before jumping to conclusions.

One of the most glaring examples is the increased tariffs on foreign imports, most specifically China.

There are many complaints about possible damage done to American workers and businesses, yet the reasoning behind it makes sense.

The Chinese imported $130 billion in goods from the USA last year;  in turn, they exported in excess of $500 billion to the United States.

Such a huge deficit deserves intervention.

The same can be said for the United Nations.

Only five nations, including the United States (out of 29), are paying the required 2 percent.

The USA pays 3.6 percent, which equals $685 million.

The United Kingdom pays 2.1 percent ($55 million), Germany 1.2 percent ($45 million) and France 1.8 percent ($45 million).

The required 2 percent is based on their country’s GDP, so it appears that successful countries like Germany, France and Canada could pay their share.

The president is correct in bringing this compelling issue to the forefront.

He is being pragmatic, not dubious, even if his words cause embarrassment to some.

Sometimes, submissiveness and temperance must take a back seat to the truth. The USA can not be the world’s ATM forever.   

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


Reader says Patrick too late with offer to help Santa Fe High School

To the Editor:

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick has offered to pay to have metal detectors installed at the Santa Fe school where the recent shooting sadly resulted in student casualties.

That is a magnanimous offer from the lieutenant governor.

However, anyone aware of these sequences of tragic school shootings across the country knows that no school has been victimized twice.

The lieutenant governor’s offer seems to be a day late and a dollar short or perhaps shutting the barn door after the horse is out.

It is essential that all schools in the state get those metal detectors and that Lt. Gov. Patrick work as hard as he can to get the Legislature to fund the improvement.

And they had better get cracking. School starts soon.

Benjamin Liles


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Concerning Nolanville, I am sure that many of the readers of this paper remember when Nolanville was known for it's infamous speed trap. Since then, with all the political circuses that they have had in their "city", and the problems that they have,now they add to their list of crazy with their wanting to ban smoking in cars. This is so asinine, intrusive, and just plain stupid, but, typical Nolanville. With the city government they have always had, the many problems, it is really sad that they now come up with this idea to add to the craziness.

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