To the Editor:

When will the Texas Legislature get it? Discrimination is bad for business.

So is the attempt to pass bills by whipping up unfounded fears about fellow Americans.

Senate Bill 6, called the “Bathroom Bill,” targets the dignity, autonomy and privacy of Transgender children, youth and adults. It would force transgender people to use the bathroom associated with their “biological sex,” as assigned on their birth certificate.

But they need to be able to use the restroom that matches their genders.

If I identify and dress and live my life as a female, why on earth would I use the men’s bathroom? Conversely, if I am living my life as a male and may even have grown a beard as I am transitioning to the gender I have always identified myself to be, I am not going to use the women’s bathroom.

Individuals using bathrooms who happen to be transgender don’t concern me. What does concern me is the notion that bathroom police would be checking my genitalia whenever I use a public restroom. Insane!

Sadly, this past Tuesday, after the Senate Committee on State Affairs held a 21-hour hearing on SB6 in which hundreds of testimonies against this bill were heard, the committee still sent it on to the full Senate.

This current civil rights issue is not about bathrooms any more than it was about drinking fountains in the ’60s.

It’s about how we are going to treat our fellow human beings, especially our children and youth. Usually kids don’t have a problem with their transgender peers. Adults making the rules are the problem.

Legislators: Please focus on what really matters to Texans and stop wasting our tax dollars.

Irene Andrews


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Part 2 of this saga (brought to you from the members of the Bell County Alt-Left Club) was in the Sunday paper but it doesn't seem to be posted online. Did someone at KDH forget?


What a load of crap. First off, humans are born not with "gender", but with a "sex". You are either male or female. From birth to death. Period. If a human believes that he or she is not their assigned sex, they are MENTALLY ILL. PERIOD. Those who endorse and support this belief system are also mentally ill and are trying to get us, the normal people, to accept their mental illness as "normal" or "acceptable". It's not. Further, you have the nerve to equate this to the civil rights movement of the 60's. Absolutely outrageous. Lastly, you advance your political and social agenda just like the nazis did, by punishing and ostracizing anyone who disagrees with your stupid nonsense. We, the people, are sick of it; and we're sick of you and people like you. We're sick of being told that WE are the problem, when it's really YOU who are the problem, as decent, everyday, law abiding citizens try to get along in their daily lives without perverts like you inflicting other perverts upon them and their children in schools and public restrooms across the state. Shame on you; enjoy Hell.


Regardless of how you feel about the law, the extortion of a state and its citizens is just as bad. When North Carolina passed their bathroom bill, companies, organizations and entertainers retaliated. Bruce Springsteen cancelled his concert even though, I am sure there were many people who supported his point of view; even though his concert was probably sold out, he punished his fans as well. Just because you have these entities threatening to move out, not come out , not support or not show up does not mean what NC stood for was wrong. People have the right to boycott all they want to, but when entities such as these begin to do what they do, this is extortion. My thoughts, in regards to the spiritual mentionings in this post, Jesus was killed over speaking against what the leaders and influential people of society supported. His disciples were jailed, beat and killed as well. When all was said and done, God still prevailed over the "progressive" and corrupt society. It will be a testimony to those who believe in God when Texas is "purged" of progressive thinking companies and entities and other companies and entities who are non-political come in and take their place over a topic that people act like has been going on for years.
In my own personal opinion, we have separate bathrooms for men and women but, also have unisex bathrooms. Unisex bathrooms covers it all for me. To "demand" to be allowed to go into a bathroom of ones mental identity, is going a bit too far and is just another political stunt and a way fight a battle that is insignificant and just a way implementing division.


So while we are steering many large corporations away and losing college and professional sporting events to other states that aren't as backwoods as we are showing ourselves to be; do we also need to carry on our persons copies of our birth certificates? Or do we need the stamped, certified originals?

Richard North

Promoting perversion?
I wonder how many of them congressmen are the upstanding Christians they claim to be. I thought that Jesus was all about acceptance and forgiveness.
Teaching hate and racism promotes more perversion than anything else.


So if you oppose perversion you are a racist? How about if you disagree with a liberal loon on anything is that racist too? You really are a psychotic loon. Don't think Jesus promoted acceptance of perversion. Believe the word he used is abomination.


I say shut down all public restrooms and everyone use the restroom before they leave the house. There. Problem solved.

Now, our Politicians can get back to worrying about real issues... like Korea lobbing missiles everywhere they possibly can, ISIS beheading people wherever they possibly can, etc. etc. etc.


On the other hand, promoting perversion is bad for our children. I support the bathroom bill

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