To the Editor:

The City Council meeting last (Thursday) night started off with a diatribe against smoking.

It turned out the council is considering an ordinance against smoking in vehicles in Nolanville.

If that ordinance is passed, the locals would wait until they were out of town to light up. So what is the point of such an ordinance?

Well, I-14 runs through town. Can you imagine the amount of money that could be made on I-14? At the minimum, it would take one cop on eastbound lanes and one cop on westbound lanes 24-7-365.

Figure a minimum of two tickets per hour per cop. That’s 96 tickets per day times 365. That’s 35,040 tickets per year.

If the tickets are set at $300 each, that would be $10,512,000 per year. Not bad for a small town like Nolanville.

I would suggest people in Bell County/Fort Hood watch this. They might want to avoid Nolanville if this becomes law.

Edward D. Mitchell


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