To the Editor:

Great Britain, our greatest ally, is united in their disgust over our president. They do not want Donald Trump anywhere near their country.  Queen Elizabeth will not offer him a state visit. The mayor of London has told Trump not to come. The British Parliament has rejected his visit.  

Now Trump is blaming Obama for canceling his trip to England. He says Obama ordered the building of a new embassy and spent millions to do it. Once again, the liar-in-chief never takes responsibility for his mouth.

It was George W. Bush who ordered the building of this new embassy in London in 2008. Last week, once again, the foul-mouthed Trump continued to degrade our country all over the world.  I challenge anyone reading this to tell me Trump is making “America great again.”

Quite the opposite is more like it!

Irene Andrews


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Challenge met and stated President Trump is making America in the mold of Our Fore Fathers GREAT!!!


President Trump has already MAGA, he accomplished that on 8 Nov. 2017. If he had not beaten Hillary this country would have been screwed. Can you imagine the Supreme Court with another Progressive Liberal on the court. That is why I say President Trump saved America and the American people from bowels of hell by beating Hillary and far left progressives. Everything else is icing on the cake.


Interesting Letter to the Editor". I can't help but wonder if the KDH would've let me refer to President Obama as the "Liar in Chief".....nah, I doubt it........mac


Isn't there a protest you can go to or a sky you can scream at?


Check the stock market. It’s the economy stupid. I’m glad Hillary lost. She scares the hell out of me.


He is doing what he was elected to do. Don't like it? Tough. You libtards crack me up.

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