To the Editor:

In the March 7 issue of the Herald, there was an article about the Nolanville EDC wanting to attract new businesses.

They could begin by stopping the traffic trap on Avenue H between Main Street and 10th Street.

There has been little or no work done for many weeks, yet the “no thru traffic signs” remain.

There is not a safety issue as Avenue H in this area is in better shape than most of the streets in the plaza and traffic is allowed on them.

There was also an article in the Herald about WCID No. 3. The last time I was there I asked when my deposit would be returned.

I was told deposits are not returned until service is disconnected, no matter how many years went by.

According to the Texas Administrative Code, Title 30, Part One, Chapter 291, Subchapter E, rule No. 291.84, paragraph d, interest must be paid on deposits.

In paragraph 2, when bills are paid for 18 consecutive months, the deposit must be refunded with interest.

It seems to me Nolanville must clean up its act if it wants to attract new retail businesses.

Edward D. Mitchell


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Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

If you don't break the don't get in trouble.


I have lived in Nolanville since 1988 and, have often been led to the conclusion that, this is the method the city uses to fund city works projects. at a city council meeting a few tears ago, to address funding of the city park, the Mayor asked the Chief of Police if His department had given out Their quota of tickets for the month. this is a small town and, I enjoy living here but, some of the city officials and, Utility Board Heads, (WCID 3), should consider stepping out of the way and, allowing knowledgeable Public Servants and, Businessmen to take control. A few tears ago, WCID 3, decided to lease the water coming into Nolanville Plaza to an individual. needless to say, He took Our payments and, didn't pay Them. Their solution? charge Us again. it didn't matter that, We had receipys for the payments. had I known that business worked in this fashion, I would have started one years ago.
Welcome to Nolanville. [wink]


GOOD OLD NOLANVILLE!!!!!! Fun times when they (PD) were writing 1500 tickets a month.

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