To the Editor:

Much has been said about minimum wage. Should it go to $15 per hour? This would remove tens (or hundreds) of millions from the state and federal welfare roles and raise the price of products, somewhat. No longer would they have to grovel to some government flunky for handouts.

The largest group to oppose this is the union (state and federal) of millions of government servants whom run these programs.

This would greatly reduce the power of their union as these people would have get a productive job in the private market and taxes would go way down.           

Another group opposed to this would be the governments around the world whom currently provide cheaply, sometimes toxic products to the U.S. public. Giving their people jobs and taxes to the their government.         

The largest group in favor of raising the wage are the private unions, such as the auto and various other unions whom wages are tied by contract to the min. wage. Also the various states whom have a contract to pay wages on public projects based on the minimum wage.           

So, I guess the question is having a little bit of pride or having a lot more serfdom? Which do you want?

Joe Brown


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Dr Strangelove

I agree with laws in place we don’t need unions today. Where work at my company used to be in Minnesota; union came in and demanded a bunch of outrageous stuff. The owner said fine you can have your stuff. He packed up moved to Texas Minnesota lost over 300 jobs but Central Texas gained.

Now it's coming out this 15 dollar an hour movement the protestors are being paid by you guessed it—by unions!


I grew up in Pittsburgh and there was a nationwide strike by the steelworkers in 1966. While the union members were proud they outlasted U.S. Steel, they won the battle and
lost the war. It was truly sickening to watch the steel industry move overseas and all the while let the existing steel mills deteriorate into rust and then be torn done. Those once fine and proud neighborhoods deteriorated too and the vacuum left behind permitted the neighborhoods decline into ghettos and crime. In my opinion, the unions are not necessary in today's world. They force to get higher pay for those who belong, but the end product is a mediocre and overpaid workforce, that has protection from losing their jobs, dues to poor performance, etc. So, if you want $15 an hour, the worker must contribute a value in the process that produces more than that. I doubt that there will be many stepping up to the local hamburger joint willing to pay $10 for a
hamburger. Unions had their value during the turn of the 1900s as one can read Upton Sinclair's book "The Jungle".

Dr Strangelove

I’m from Michigan and if you want to see what union’s private/public and liberal government ruin a State—Go to Michigan. Look at Detroit rest my case. Also the UAW demanded such outrageous stuff like a paid holiday for first day of deer season! The big shots in the auto industry said the heck with this—packed up moved to Mexico.

They jack up the minimum wage some small businesses will fail and a lot of people will lose their job in larger businesses. The minimum wage was never meant to be a living wage.

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