To the Editor:

Shame, shame on the Temple VA and affiliates! Respite for the caregiver provides much-needed rest and stress relief. But, the Temple VA and its affiliates provide just the opposite. They actually add stress and are unable to protect the patient from abuse, much to the detriment of the veteran and their caregiver.

In 2007, a Vietnam veteran was diagnosed with dementia. His wife became his caregiver. In December 2016, after almost 10 years, the couple received some much-needed respite through the VA. The veteran was temporarily placed in a care facility. As instructed, the wife put his name in all his clothes, made a list of the items and packed them into a duffle bag. She turned the bag over to the health care professionals at the time her husband was admitted to the facility.

Reassured by the health care professionals that her husband was in good hands, she set off on a trip out of state. Unfortunately, shortly thereafter, the facility reported they were unable to care for him, had sent him to the Temple VA hospital, and the wife must come get his things.

The wife was miles from home, but after numerous calls, all seemed to be in order. But alas, stress would raise its ugly head again. During the release process, the wife discovered her husband was missing numerous personal items, including a blanket, jacket, slippers and baseball cap. Expected replacement value is $300.

Apparently, veterans’ belongings are up for grabs. A month later, the issue has yet to be resolved, causing the wife added stress. Is this really the best to be expected from the Temple VA? Shame on them!

Marianne Miller


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Yeah well it could be worse. My mom is watched by my brother and sister-in-law and they don't even get paid by the VA or Medicare to do it. Nor do they get respite care relief.

As a veteran, I am many times ashamed that we get so much when the public we served gets so little. Were we all heroes when we joined or did we need a job cause we were broke? (many more of the later). And how long should the government pay for a two year draftee? Plus we get gas money reimbursement while so many Americans don't have healthcare.

Many people can't be "heroes" because they were born with medical conditions that prohibit military service. Does this make them less worthy Americans?

Many people can't be "heroes" because they got caught with a joint when 17 (as opposed to Clinton, Bush and Obama) who didn't get caught and went on to serve as Commander in Chief.

I get Americans screwed up when they spat upon returning Vietnam Vets and are making up for it now - but have things swung to far the other way now? If vets are true patriots wouldn't they want their fellow citizens to share in some of the bennies they get?

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