To the Editor:

Open letter to Brig. Gen. Tammy Smith:

Thank you for speaking at the first Fort Hood Pride Month event.

History was made right here, and I am so glad I was able to attend and be part of the celebration. Everyone I spoke with was excited about being there.

Soldiers and their same-sex spouses shared their joy and talked with me about how different it is to serve openly and be acknowledged as a family unit in base housing.

My wife, Joan, and I were honored to meet you and your wife, Tracey.

We were inspired by your personal story and the courage you displayed in being transparent about your struggle to serve in silence.

There will always be those few people who rant and rage in fear of any positive change.

I am thankful our commander in chief is not deterred by those negative voices.

President Barack Obama proclaimed June to be Pride Month.

Let us unite around the U.S. Army value of “Strength through Diversity.”

Our communities, businesses and public schools both on and off Fort Hood, benefit from being welcoming and inclusive of all citizens.

Fort Hood and brave leaders like you, Gen. Smith, are showing the way and giving us hope for a fully equal future.

Irene Andrews


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I would rather not celebrate. My choice


DADT was repealed . A great win for our president and our country. Because of that most of Article 15 of UCMJ means little.


Americans are equal.

Not all Americans are eligible to serve in our armed forces, and the reasons are many. One of those is the free participation in conduct that violates the UCMJ. Can't have that, certainly not among the leadership.

Certainly not when those leaders take oaths to not misconduct themselves, and then freely break that oath, publicly, and are allowed to get away with it.

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