To the Editor:

Open letter to all public library directors in Bell County and beyond:

Please continue to offer a wide variety of reading materials that truly reflect our diverse communities. Do not be deterred by the few, whose narrow views and fear of those they do not know cause them to react with ignorance, spewing outlandish, judgmental statements of rejection.  Their minds and hearts need opening, as evidenced by their attempts to dictate to the rest of us how we should and should not think, or what we should and should not be allowed to read or even looked at.

Thank you, Temple Library, for your thoughtful book display and bulletin board during Pride Month this June.

Growing up, I had no such display to help reflect back to me who I am.  There were no bulletin boards informing and/or honoring the LGBT community. I never want us to go back to those dark, isolating days of feeling completely alone, like no one understood or cared.  We all deserve respect and to be acknowledged as human beings who are part of the colorful fabric of a healthy society. Librarians everywhere:  Stay strong!  You are my heroines and heroes!

Irene Andrews


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