To the Editor:

Once again, our wonderful rulers of Nolanville have shown their total disregard for the rule of law and just downright acting honestly with the ones who pay them.

Those in Nolanville city government, apparently, do not consider Texas Independence Day noteworthy, nor do they consider the Fourth of July noteworthy enough to allow the citizens who happen to live in our poor city to fire off one single firecracker or a tiny bottle rocket for fear of the entire town going up in flames (note the Chicago fire), and doing great harm to the city tax base. At the slightest sound of such things during the holidays, we send our courageous and gallant police to hunt down the lawless and write them a ticket.

What happens to all of the private property removed from Texas citizens during these raids, anyway?

The discharging of fireworks by the city on Oct. 6 was just another example of how government officials at all levels are putting themselves above the law.

Valid laws are passed for a reason and it is wrong to put oneself above them to make one look good, which translates to more money in their pocket when they go to look for another government job.

It certainly renders average citizens, convicted of breaking said fireworks law, innocent victims of government greed and abuse. This is not the same as allowing emergency personnel to be exempt from speeding laws while on a run.

Joe Brown


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