To the Editor:

In response to the letter from William Mulkins (June 15) referring to selfish individuals who won’t adopt shelter animals for various reasons and excuses, such as not enough time, or can’t afford them.

They’re valid excuses. They should not adopt.

All animals deserve time, food, and veterinary care, which can add up.

Animals adopted in these circumstances would likely end back in a “kill” shelter or worse, dumped in some park, neighborhood, highway, or in the country to die of heat, cold, starvation, thirst, or injury inflicted by person, trap, vehicle or other animal.

Many animals, contrary to belief, are incapable of caring for or defending themselves; they may have spent their lives indoors.

One family in our neighborhood continuously set traps because they despise animals.

Last week three new cats appeared in our neighborhood. Seven weeks ago, we took a dumped cat to the vet. He had a broken pelvis, typical of being hit by a car.

If a sincere, kind, loving and lifelong home can be offered to save a life, then, by all means, adopt! You will be blessed, entertained and loved by your new companion pet/pets.

My husband and I foster cats from Second Chance as well as have cats we rescued. Recently, we adopted a dumped dog (10 years old).

We enjoy all, and don’t regret any time or expense.

By the way, we “took in” the cat with the broken pelvis, now recuperating.

Carol Kuhn

Harker Heights


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