To the Editor: 

 I can hardly wait for the excitement after the House vote on NSA earlier in the week — a program signed into law by a Republican president, defended by a Democrat president. Reportedly backed by the American people.

Soon, a hacker will visit government file storage (as they so often do now) either for blackmail or to destroy someone. The files on perhaps thousands of people will be made public. Every word spoken or texted or sent by email, every website visited will out there for all to see.

Lives will be destroyed. Civil rights will be, as they almost are now, a thing of the past or something you see in the fiction movies and books.

I suggest everyone prays that the files released are on those in local, county, state and federal government servant positions — as they are the ones who care the least about your freedom. 

Rights make their jobs harder and messes up their unions.

Joe Brown


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Wonder if the NSA has been keeping tabs on local government in this city? Now there's some stuff that would be worth releasing.



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