To the Editor:

I know this is a sensitive subject for many people, and even more personal for many more. Gay marriage is a hot topic in which people want to use the name of God on both sides.

Yes, God does love everybody. He loves the thief, the homosexual, the murderer, and the liar; but he does not agree with those actions.

The murderer is not such until he murders; the thief is not a thief until he steals; the homosexual is not homosexual until he commits a homosexual act.

People continually call people who oppose homosexuality bigots, but the opposition of homosexuality condemns the act, not the actor.

The problem is people personalize the act, and want everyone who opposes it to be considered a prejudiced person.

If this is what makes people happy, should we allow all acts that make people happy?

Why not allow brother and sister to marry? Or allow a man multiple wives, or vice versa? If this is what makes this grown person happy, who are we to judge?

I do not believe that all homosexuals are destined for hell, but I also believe the act is a sin. Just like we are all sinners, for the truly religious.

For many of us, marriage is a religious act, and it is a problem that the government is even involved in the process. I believe it is up to the church who it decides to marry, or not.

If homosexuals can find, or form, a church that allows such acts, then that is their prerogative, but do not insist that all churches allow this.

If we dispose of government involvement in marriages, then we the people can truly choose who is allowed to be married, or not.

Ellis Hilliard


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I agree that the government and lawyers should mind their own business . on the issue of marriage and the acts of married people .

Not for religious reasons but for the Bill of Rights reasons.

Notice that is the same GOP who wants limited government also wants the government and GOP lawyers to control us and our personal acts and control and punish women for not thinking like pro life Perry whom as gov has executed the more people than any governor in the USA . Yet says he is Pro life. And this fool like Abbott want the Texas government to control us.

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