To the Editor:

I watched the Senate gun hearings and was appalled when Dick Durbin ridiculed the fact that the purpose of the Second Amendment was to protect American citizens from their government.

He seemed to imply our government would never be a threat to our citizens. That is not true.

One thing all the liberal Democrats who want to confiscate your firearms have in common is their strident support of the American holocaust called abortion, which has claimed the lives of 55 million Americans.

To liberal Democrats the issue is not whether the government should support mass murder of its citizens but rather at what age it should occur.

In the 20th century, seven countries confiscated firearms from their citizens. After that was done, they initiated a mass murder of their citizens for a total of 56 million victims.

The biggest mass murders of citizens have always been committed by governments and it was always preceded by gun confiscation.

It can happen here.

Incidentally, the semiautomatics Democrats are trying to ban are not assault rifles.

That is a bogus term coined by lying politicians and journalists to incrementally facilitate confiscation of your firearms.

Noel Dannheim


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