To the Editor:

I’m concerned.

Why are United States military active, retired and their families going to food banks to supplement their meals?

Why are our military personnel applying and found eligible for food stamps in Bell, Coryell, Milam, Williamson counties and across America?

A plethora of newly constructed homes, retail and commercial business, universities and $50 billion was recently designated to Fort Hood. It sounds like paradise. Prosperity and abundance.

So why are this area’s, statewide and national food banks shelves empty?

Why is it the Killeen Daily Herald, Austin American-Statesman, statewide newspapers, national newspapers and magazines are printing the plight of our soldiers and their families regularly?

This pathetic subject must no longer go unchallenged.

I recently viewed a commercial that was begging for a $19 donation to support a veteran. Are you kidding me?

Every day we expect our military to put their lives on the line, leave their families, accept substandard medical care and pay while saluting their superiors with a smile.

It’s pitiful and I am ashamed. I am ashamed to live in a financially lucrative area such as Harker Heights while volunteers at area schools are packing PBJ bags.

Do you know what PBJ bags are?

It is groups of compassionate teachers, parents and neighbors donating peanut butter and jelly for kids to take home on the weekends, including military kids, so they won’t be hungry. Their parents are working, the working poor.

Last weekend, the media smothered the nation about Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday and 2013 inaugural activities. They are both worthy of celebrations and recognition.

Yet, President Obama and I am sure the late Martin Luther King Jr., would applaud this nation if we had spent our day of National Service, Jan. 19 or 20, filling the shelves of food banks.

Please contact local (congressional) representatives, Rep. John Carter, Sen. John Cornyn and Sen. Ted Cruz and demand our soldiers be fed, protected and treated with the respect they deserve.

Freedom is not free.


Patricia Muldrow Roberts

Harker Heights

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Agree with Dr. Strangelove. Personal choices have some effect too. You can have fancy extras that aren't necessities but expect to go in the hole financially if your income level doesn't suffice luxury items. Some obviously do struggle financially but it's not always the case.


I agree with the poster's but why at 25 yrs old have 4 kids your still a Kid, And buying a 160 K home brand new cars. Like they said personal choices. And the Pity Party for the Poor Soldier, Get real and Stop Whining and Grow Up.

Dr Strangelove

I’m military as to why some active duty/retired military are on food stamps? I can sum it up in two words: Choices—Lifestyle! For years I heard the whining of soldiers how they can’t make ends meet, yet they party every weekend, new car in the driveway, new computers in the house, oh let’s don’t forget the house payment, along with the monthly cable/satellite bill, cell phone bill, and they’re way over their heads in credit card debt!

Some go downtown to get a loan and get charged over 400% interest fees, they don’t call it interest fees that would be illegal; they call it a service fees. Some want to live the party lifestyle and go into debt, others make bad choices like getting a new car or pack of cigarettes before little Johnny had food to eat. Also let’s don’t forget the abuse of drugs and alcohol.

I’m not saying all active duty/retired military on food stamps are like this however if you dig into most of their budgets you can see they don’t know how to manage a budget or don’t care and abuse the system. Being in the military you can make a good living; you may not get rich but it’s not a bad way to make a living. I enlisted when I was 17 years old we myself and family have never been on food stamps and the majority of Professional Soldiers are not on them.


Have to agree with the above comment,I've saw it myself.
But one thing was omitted that money is spent on, - Tattoos - I don't know how much they cost since I haven't one , but they must cost a lot of money since some have their nearly their entire bodies covered in them ,
It used to be 'in the old days',the guys might have 1 or maybe even two,but to mark the entire body up, has to use up a lot of paycheck, then if the wife wants them too,even more money is spent .---

I've known a lot of military families from all ranks,never did I know of any who were on food stamps. It would have been known if there had been. Never did I know of anyones children having to be fed by the teachers,if there was a money problem or food shortage,a members company would help in some manner.

But People also budgeted their money to have enough to pay bills & buy the food for the month.
The military members put in a lot of hours and were happy to spend time at home or doing simple things that didn't cost a lot.---
As far as contacting any political members to 'demand' the soldiers be fed or doctored,The best place to write is directly to the White House,and any member of the federal government who recently have stated things are going to be bad for the military, Leon Panetta Sec. of Def. is one such person. They have a lot to do with any shortage,not only for the military but others as well.

As far as Martin Luther King having anything to do with any shortage the military members may have concerning money ,his name shouldn't even be brought into it,
If it has to be, and since he was brought up in the old school of ,you can't expect to have everything you want, I could feel certain,he would also say,
Don't waste your money on things you don't really need (such as mentioned by Dr Strangelove).
Save some of it, even if its a few dollars, you'll be glad you did at the end.


Is there really such a thing as a Professional Soldier (WOW) I hear a lot of whining about disability if there weren't so many fraudulent claims being filed by the Money Hungry faker's and Malingerer's the ones that are legitimately injured don't stand a chance. You can Spot the Faker's the one's driving the 40K sport's car's.

Dr Strangelove

Yes there are Professional Soldiers I’m one of them. I agree with you on the false claims I know some Vets that claim PTSD from the Gulf War. I know what unit they were in I guess the got PTSD from eating too many MRE’s because that unit saw no action.

I’ve been to VA once because we were told that everyone go to get checked for Gulf War Syndrome. VA Dr. said I had high cholesterol; the military didn’t cause that; I did with my poor diet. I paid co-pay for cholesterol meds for six months changed my diet now cholesterol is good I no longer need the meds. So ranknfile you'll find most vets are honest. Other making false claims makes all of us look bad.

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