To the Editor:

How sad.

Not one word, not one photograph or image, reminding people in today’s (Friday’s) issue that today (Friday) is Flag Day and reminding the public to proudly display their American flag.

The article in Wednesday’s issue about burning the flag (as a way of properly disposing of a flag), does not qualify, nor does it aptly substitute.

I think your newspaper was sorely remiss and missing in action on this important subject.

Marcus Cornell

Retired U.S. Army

Killeen resident since 1971

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Proud Mother of an Army Avi8er

Yes the KHD should have mentioned Flag Day.

Also, Merchant Marine Day...May 22.
National Maritime Day is a special day that recognizes the unsung heroes of our nation’s maritime industry who work side-by-side with our military to uphold freedom and democracy.

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