To the Editor:

In the March 15 edition of the KDH, a news story was printed about my recent fall and subsequent recovery.  I thought the story was well done and true to the events as they unfolded.

  Added to that story I would very much like to share with your readers a little about the level of professionalism and personal care I received by everyone.

First, from the ambulance/paramedics to the emergency staff at Metroplex Hospital, they did all they could do to address the urgent crisis and did it with kindness and excellence.

My excellent treatment continued at Scott & White Hospital.

Dr. Reddy and his PA Dipti not only treated me well, but expressed an unusual level of compassion. 

Also, the nursing staff at S&W was outstanding. I could sense that one of the night nurses was breathing a prayer for me every time she came into my room.

This continued at Indian Oaks, where I went for rehab. This was perhaps my biggest surprise. I just can’t say enough about what I both experienced and also observed while living there. I came away with a deeper appreciation for those who care for our elderly. 

I witnessed many kindnesses extended and a lot of love being given to the residents by the staff — I purposely paid attention and know the good that is being done from the kitchen to the physical therapists and everyone in between.

I realize not everyone may have the same experience, but I feel it is the right thing to do to send a few flowers and just say a big thank you to everyone who had a hand in helping me back on my feet. 

God bless you!

Rev. John E. Abbey

Pastor, Bethel Church


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