Central Texas Patriot Guard Riders

Ron “Joker” Smith, assistant deputy state captain and ride captain of the Patriot Guard Riders, briefs the group before a funeral for Air Force Staff Sgt. William “Bill” Dobbs, a Korean War veteran, in Gatesville.

To the Editor:

I just wanted to thank the KDH and Bryan Correira for the article he wrote on the Centex Patriot Guard Riders (Sunday, March 9, Living Here).

We have been performing Honor Missions since 2005 for our nation’s military, past and present. We do these Honor Missions only when invited by the family of the hero.

As the two conflicts/wars have slowed, so have the requests for Honor Missions. Many citizens thought we only stood for those killed in action. They did not know that we also stand for veterans and retirees who were honorably discharged, as well as first responders who die in the line of duty.

We do not charge anything for our flaglines and escorts; we are all volunteers and just need to be invited.

We welcome all to stand with us; you do not need to ride a bike or even have a military background. All we ask is that you stand tall with respect for the veterans.

We believe that every veteran who passes deserves to be honored and to have fellow brothers and sisters in arms with them when they cross over to “Fiddler’s Green.”

Since Bryan’s article was published, I personally have been approached in Bingo halls, department stores, Starbucks and just in passing by citizens wanting to know how to contact us for Honor Missions.

I explain the process, give them our website and Facebook page addresses and my personnel card. I only write this to you all because I have a Supreme love and dedication to our Armed Forces and all veterans. We want our community to know that we are proud to honor their loved ones.

Again, thank you all — and Bryan, “Thanks Much” for helping to get the word out.

Ron “Joker” Smith

Centex Patriot Guard

Asst. deputy state captain/ride captain

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