To the Editor:

April 14-20 is National Pet ID Week — a good time to ensure that each of your animal family members is properly outfitted with identification.

By some estimates, one in three animals will become lost during his or her lifetime, so it’s vital to make sure that each animal wears a collar with legible ID tags listing your name, current phone number, and address.

But collars can slip off or be removed, so it’s also important to have animals microchipped.

Roughly the size of a grain of rice, microchips are inserted into an animal’s skin between the shoulder blades as a permanent form of identification. Most veterinarians and animal shelters can provide this quick, affordable, and virtually painless service, and they can also check lost animals for microchips using special scanners.

Of course, the best way to ensure that your animal companions don’t become lost in the first place is to keep them indoors and allow them outside only on a leash and harness or in a fenced area, under a watchful eye.

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Lindsay Pollard-Post

The PETA Foundation

Norfolk, Va.

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