To the Editor:

KDH, 18 June: “Pentagon to announce plan to let women into most combat jobs” is pure lunacy.

Naysayers and activists will declare me and others who share my opinion to be dinosaurs or sexist; I am neither.  

I am a realist who embraces logic and reason to make the combat arms more efficient and lethal. 

These objectives are not important to the secretary of defense, the president or even the chairmen of the services branches, who eagerly embrace the lie that women (generally, not specifically) can perform all tasks required by combat soldiers without regard to biological or physical differences.

Women are as brave and courageous as their male counterparts, and often more proficient with their weapons. 

However, for the present, they are at higher risks for musculoskeletal, connective and spinal injuries. When that happens, the mission is jeopardized and the unit is less capable of completing the mission.

On combat operations, you often carry all equipment, weapons and ammunition necessary to ensure success until you can logically expect resupply.

Even with modern weight-reduced equipment and weapons, the burden is often very demanding.

At brigade level, a shocking 74 percent of women were evacuated for pregnancy-related issues, said Linda Chavez, writer for “Town Hall,” 25 Jan 2013.

If you cannot grasp the details of this, the physical standards will be “gender normed.” That’s correct, so from now on, the Rangers will be Rangerettes, and the Seals will become Sealies.

As a result, when an assault is made on a Somalia pirate ship, let’s skip that old fast rope stuff and install one of those escalator ladders on deck.

The victims of this gross stupidity are the dedicated and brave women warriors who will pay the ultimate price.

retired Command Sgt. Maj. Don Fender

U.S. Army Special Forces, Killeen


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