To the Editor:

In regard to my fellow retired master sergeant, Pedro (Santiago), I would offer that he is right in saying that we should give the president a chance. However, that does not mean we should bless everything that he does.

When Pedro cited the case of Rosa Maria Ortega voting illegally, the sentence of eight years was harsh, and probably unconstitutional. His inference that it happened hundreds of thousands of times was way over the top.

Every president, with the possible exception of George Washington, has taken heat from the press. It goes with the territory. Trump’s barring of news agencies from his briefings is an infringement on a free press.

John F. Kennedy once said; “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” Trump has a thin skin, which is not an asset in the execution of his office. The fact that he has almost 500 appointed positions unfilled tells you something.

Some prominent people have turned down his job offers. The Navy admiral who turned down the job of Security Adviser made a very graphic remark which probably should not be part of this letter. I wish the president the best in his efforts to govern. If he does well, the country does well, and that is paramount.

John Sammis

retired private first class


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What's "unconstitutional" is having non-citizens voting in our elections.

There are a few things in the Constitution that are perfectly clear even for the simplest among us to understand and that is one of them.

Yet, the Democrats aren't interested in securing our voting system to prevent this from happening.

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