To the Editor:

Very recently our president asked the CEOs of very wealthy companies such as Apple, Microsoft and others, to please hire people who have been the longest out of work.

I think this was a wonderful request; however, our president has been raising cane for years that the wealthy must give up more money in the form of taxation. Now he wants a favor from them.

Our president would have come out better had he not beaten up on the rich and asked them to help with jobs to help our whole country. If the CEOs did not come through, make up his mind then.

As I see it, the wealthy have the means to give, even when it is not needed by a company — jobs, jobs, jobs.

Robert F. Morgan

Harker Heights

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Our politicians bash the 1% but almost 50% of our Congress are in the one percentile they are bashing... and I haven't seen any of them writing big fat checks to help pay off the deficit!

Instead, they just keep taking other people's money because they think they can do a better job at spending it. We see how that's been working out for them!!!


hmmm...just read through these comments and can't find where donscott4 called anyone a name..
bubba, "you have revealed yourself" poop in the sandbox, blame it on the neighborhood cats, and then demand they be euthanized.


Boo Hoo Hoo. Take a reading comprehension course. The poster offered violence, typical of hippies and liberals, when having their dogma exposed by patriots. I reported the poster for the same.

As you apparently have the IQ of a tomato, I will give your moronic personal attack all the attention it is due and chalk it up to your "progressive" nature.

Have a nice day, commie.


I love it down here. Born even further "south." Can't we just disagree? Take the last word and God bless you. Bye.


Good riddance.


Don't need either their money or your name-calling. Would rather see their money spent here and taxed at rates resulting from closing loopholes that favor them but BUBBA, you just may be a lost cause. Going to give you the last word here and exit this stimulating discussion. God bless you and may He take hate from your heart.


I merely call it like I see it. I have no hate anywhere in me. You, however, just can't help having the last word, which is typical of the self-satisfied, self-righteous, arrogant, intolerant, hate-filled leftists in our land, of which you are one. You pose yourself as the victim and lash out passive-aggressively, all the while spewing your "progressive" marxist nonsense. Having already threatened physical violence, now you play this card.. Well, you have revealed yourself for what you are. We just don't need anymore ideas from your kind-you have done enough damage to my country. Real Americans need to identify people like you and reveal your ideas for what they are-communism. And certainly the Lord will take care of you for falsely invoking him here, while looking down your nose at your fellow Americans. Have a nice day.


Great point and the worse of the bunch since they have the power to change the dynamic. Reward the rich for job creation and close the loopholes that allow them to hide income and send it overseas. That'd be a start.


Spoken like a true marxist.

Reward entrepreneurs for creating jobs and stop taxing them to death, driving them overseas. That would be a good start.

I'm sure you believe strongly that you should be given the income they earned and are "hiding" from you, right?


Now I'm a hippie? Do I at least get a downgrade from communist? During the hippie period, incidentally, I couldn't stand them. [wink]


Its easy to determine who has vitriol in these postings. Maybe, you will be considered for the Nobel Peace prize, like "won" by our leader. Even old me can sense a self aggrandized hippie from the 60s.


Don't worry, "Bubba," I won't be getting into name calling but nor will I let you define me with your histrionics. I am a died in the wool patriot likely just like you. I fought for this country in Vietnam and would do it again if called upon. We just disagree about some things. It is absolutely true that every day the wealthy get a greater percentage of wealth in this country and largely not just because of what they do but what you don't do which is support laws that help working men and women. Some of the wealthy are taking their wealth to shelters, not creating jobs, and have no compunction in destroying folks when they want to. You have not addressed the issue, just trotted out the same old name calling BS. You may be surprised to know that I actually have some money and, like the super wealthy, shouldn't have to apologize for that. But because I am a patriot with a conscience, I have spent the better part of my life helping those less fortunate gain a foothold in the great country and I support other efforts to do so. So take your communist, marxist, stalinist name calling and put it where the sun don't shine, brother, and let me know when you want to have a real discussion.


"Some of the wealthy are taking their wealth to shelters, not creating jobs, and have no compunction in destroying folks when they want to."

Umm... I'm pretty sure you just described our politicians on Capitol Hill.


I addressed the issue by properly and correctly identifying you for what you are based upon the comments you have made here. Truth is rarely pretty.

That you immediately devolve things to the politics of personal destruction (Alinsky's rules), which is the chosen playground of modern fascists known as "progressives", reaffirms the rightness of my comments.

Additionally, you have resorted to insults and violence, another modern progressive tactic, and falsely wrap yourself in patriotism and the flag, as if these ruses will fool me. Nope.

I don't think you're capable of having a conversation. You're an arrogant, intolerant, violent marxist just like I said you were, and you proved it here.

Have a nice day.


P.S. I reported you for your violent and inappropriate comments. And we aren't brothers, don't ever use that word towards me again. Marxist.


Not going to reenter the conversation but just to inform you I have not been contacted by the website for "violence" or anything else so you may need to report me again. This time would you cc: me so I know what violence I have supposedly have threatened you with. I just can't find it anywhere in my comments. Thank you.


Making excuses for those poor set-upon super-rich is popular recreation down here but the facts are these. Whether you like what's coming, it is coming. You see all those lions of industry shared their wealth with their workers only after a lot of fine men and women gave their lives to organize and demand a living wage. But unions have declined as the wealthy demagogs have convinced the working poor of this country to put them in power and anti-labor laws have followed. Of course wealth is held to a great degree these days by people who do not produce anything nor do they hire anyone. And don't cite the Russian experience unless you understand it. Communism was not the right answer at all but neither was the accumulation of wealth and power by the Tsar at the people's expense. What the Russian people knew and we should know is that change had to come. Let's hope we head off the coming crisis in time. I don't want Marx or Lenin under any scenario but if we don't get our heads up and out, we may be powerless to make the change we need and may be stuck with the one we get..


They earned their money and they deserve to keep it.

They carved out their businesses and built them, and their employees are paid what they deserve and what the market will bear. The invisible hand of economics is far more powerful than your rhetoric.

Unions don't create jobs, entrepreneurs do. Unions eventually line their own pockets by stealing "dues" from their members, effectively stealing their earned income.

Your opinion here smacks of communist propaganda and socialist dogma, no matter how you try to deny it.

A brief review of history reveals just how badly those systems, which you champion, have done and the legacy of your thought processes is wreck, ruin, misery, and death, usually in the millions. Eventually, you people turn to force and violence to impose your thoughts, as that's the only way it has worked. It ends up with the murder of millions who don't agree.

Today, modern "progressives" like you are spewing the exact same thoughts as marx, lenin, and stalin, and have given it a shiny new name and a fresh coat of paint. You seem to think that this will fool us Real Americans. You are sadly mistaken. While you may have duped a younger generation who are not educated well, you haven't fooled me.

Today's "progressives" are this century's marxists, stalins, and fascists. One saturday afternoon on the history channel or the military channel will straighten you out.


@ Making excuses for those poor set-upon super-rich is popular recreation down here but the facts are these.

Down here ? --- You evidently are -down here- So it must not be as bad as you want to make yourself think. [smile]


There's been very few super rich in the country other then the ones who owned business' that gave jobs to so many.

I remember hearing about one of my grandfathers working for the Original Henry Ford.
Mr. Ford made far more money then my grandfather :-) But, he was entitled to it-
The work Mr. Ford had founded for my grandfather and thousands to come, made not only his own living but those thousands too including the grandfather.
Were would we be without people like Ford, Firestone, Goodyear etc., All richer then most but who shared their wealth of ideas and the money they made from them with workers. They each needed each other to succeed.

What the people are being forced fed by 'some of our leaders 'are ideas similar to those ,the people of the Soviet Union were fed by people like Lenin, who after hiding out in Paris, letting others do the dirty work of convincing the Russian people their Czar was too rich, cruel, and taking advantage of the people.
Rode the train back into Russian territory to take complete control.
If the Russian people would had had the common sense to see what the future held for them . But just like a lot of the people in America, they were easily taken advantage since they didn't think for themselves and figure out what was happening.

The rich of the country are not my enemy, But I do know who it is, and am on alert to every word they use to try to re-educate me to their way of thinking.


it's what fascists and marxists do.

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