To the Editor:

Last Saturday’s Herald featured an Associated Press article on the D.C. March for Life titled “Abortion opponents march in D.C.”

I say the author’s opening words, “Thousands of anti-abortion demonstrators marched,” were a gross understatement; when in fact there were over 500,000 pro-life (very cold) people who marched in the pro-life parade.

A video from the march identifies many young people 40 years of age and younger. One young man in an interview mentions that a third of his generation is not here because of the 40-year-old Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion on demand.

The photo I have attached shows the very large crowd and a caption by Jill Stanek, a nurse turned speaker, columnist and blogger. The photo is courtesy of Jonathan Ernst, Reuters.

The truth of Jill’s comment on the photo is very disturbing to me.

How, indeed, is it possible that the news media would not report the truth about a pro-life event and play up a ridiculous and shallow story and call that news?

Another lady from the D.C. march said that we can change the law allowing abortion, but it would be better to change people’s hearts, first.

It’s harder to do that when not even the paid press will report on our country’s pro-life supporters and refers to us as “anti-abortion.”

Perhaps we could change the pro-choice moniker to “anti-life.” It would certainly be more fitting and maybe more newsworthy.

Dennis DeWine

Central Texas Voices for Life

Harker Heights

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Dr Strangelove

Dennis, this is no surprise when there are Pro-Life groups out there with commercials they’re willing to pay for air time on TV showing the real face of what goes on inside those abortion mills—the networks refuse to air them. Of course there is no leftwing bias in the mainstream media—and pigs can fly.

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