To the Editor:

In statement made on national TV, (MSNBC) Dec. 16, writer David Sirota, regarding the tragic murder of more than 20 students and other persons in Newtown, Conn., pointed out that most mass murders and shootings were committed by young, white males.

He rightfully concluded this demographic group should be closely scrutinized or “profiled” for behaviors that would allow law enforcement to predict and prevent that group from acting on their psychotic murderous inclination.

From a purely scientific objectively measured course of action, he is absolutely correct. 

Profiling groups that can be quantifiably proven to perform certain behaviors much more frequently than the population at large is the most efficient use of limited resources, and is more likely to prevent such behaviors from occurring.

The fact that people are involved and innocent members of that group may be unconvinced by efforts to stop murder and mayhem would be the price we pay for more safety for us and our loved ones.

We are talking about wanton slaughter versus an invasion of privacy. In this matter, the choice is obvious. But there is another side of this obvious solution.

When law enforcement realizes how efficient, and cost-effective vigorous profiling is, as applied to the suspect group, they will rightfully wish to apply the same formula to other less violent crimes.

Suppose your study indicates certain groups are overrepresented as drug dealers, carjackers, burglars, muggers and other street scum; the problem and the solutions take on another dimension.

No one is willing to risk their career or have their character questioned because they suggested or even acknowledge these and other similar crimes are committed by one group more than another. 

No problem. Let’s get the odd white boy living in his mom’s basement.

Don Fender


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Nonsense. Let's try following the law. The law clearly states that those adjudicated as mentally ill cannot own weapons. How about we repair our broken mental health system, and then comply with the law and report these individuals as required by the United States Code, Title 18. Those determined to be mentally defective may not purchase firearms. This standard must be enforced and properly resourced by state and federal governments to create better reporting of these individuals to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to prevent further tragedies. That way, we follow the law and allow judges and mental health professionals to advise law enforcement and the NICS as to who should have access to firearms, instead of the uninformed ramblings of the biased stomping on the rights of their fellow citizens.


did you ever think that these guns are got from NRA member that did't secure there gun s or sold guns to these people


Nope. Most NRA members are law-abiding, tax-paying, red-blooded, native-born, God-fearing American citizens that follow the law and safety rules. Your disparagement of the NRA is based upon ignorance and frankly, hate. There's something wrong with that, and I invite you to go find out what that is and fix it.

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