To the Editor:

Obama announcing striking Syria because of Assad’s alleged use of chemical weapons in a civil war has proved to be an extremely difficult sell to Americans.

Even the dullest may surmise the hopelessness of controlling existing chemical weaponry under virtually impossible conditions. The decent principle of eliminating chemicals for war is unquestioned; so would be explosives, bullets and burning.

Now we have the odd spectacle of Sergei Layrov slicing and dicing John Kerry publicly with apparent ease. Perhaps another ineffective U.N. resolution is needed. U.N. resolutions seem to be in endless supply and equally worthless. Why not? New “Peace in the Middle East” talks? Of course! As long as nothing is actually accomplished and attention is removed from serious domestic issues.

Richard Lamb

Harker Heights

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I wish more people had been paying attention before this last election. Instead, they flocked to the poles to vote for shallow-minded reasons like skin color and/or a free phone. We are the laughingstock of the world!

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