To the Editor:

I am writing regarding the event, Sunday, July 30, 2013, in Forney between George Zimmerman and a Texas officer.

The officer’s dashcam shows Mr. Zimmerman stopped for speeding. He revealed to the officer that he had a gun in his vehicle.

The officer identified Mr. Zimmerman as a white male. George self-identifies as Hispanic.

The officer asked George where was he going and he responded, “nowhere in particular”; he also asked the officer if he recognized him.

You got to be kidding! A “white” man speeding with a gun in his vehicle going nowhere in particular?

He was given a courtesy warning and drove off.

Let me give you Trayvon’s reality and most men of color. The officer would have approached the vehicle with hand on gun, looked suspiciously in the vehicle and if the person in question revealed he had a weapon, he would have been asked out of the car, searched, maybe shot and definitely given a ticket for speeding.

We as a country should be outraged at the double standards and overt racist acts toward people of color, especially men.

How many more will be shot while someone stands their ground?

Let’s dismiss the black-on-black crime as a reason why a black life is disposable since statistically white-on-white crime is more prevalent.

There is something dreadfully wrong when an armed “white man” can speed down a Texas highway and get nothing but a warning while people of color are shot unarmed on sidewalks, sitting in cars, waiting for a train, driving home or to work.

Is our skin so thin regarding race that when we get the opportunity for the oppressed to express what they live everyday of their lives that they are literally silenced?

Trayvon Martin’s murder was a travesty but so was the editorial decision to print only two letters regarding Trayvon Martin which had everything to do with race. If not now, when?

Patricia Muldrow Roberts

Harker Heights

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Wow, those comments were harsh. Patricia after reading those comments, I'm not surprised by your statement.

I'm sorry you live in a world with people like this. I'd call them names but I want to be a better person.


Wow!!!! Patricia, hate much? If you have an alternative to a trial by jury I'm sure everyone would just love to hear it, or do you have some information about the case that you're keeping a secret?


@ Let me give you Trayvon’s reality and most men of color. The officer would have approached the vehicle with hand on gun, looked suspiciously in the vehicle and if the person in question revealed he had a weapon, he would have been asked out of the car, searched, maybe shot and definitely given a ticket for speeding.

[beam] The writer should write fairy tales for a living or maybe she does.
In the writers mind, they have spoken for the entire population of black men. But does she have certifiable facts for that population?

Since she feels she is capable of speaking for all black men ,Can she also speak for the entire population of law enforcement officers?

When she states what would happen when a police officer approaches a vehicle being driven by a black male, Is she also speaking for what would happen ,no matter the race of the police officer.

Or is her scenario different only when it would involve a white officer but wouldn't be the same, if the officer is black,hispanic,or asian ?
And how many traffic stops of a vehicle has she been on ,in order to gather her information?

Dr Strangelove

Eliza, she didn’t write that I saw those very words on the net a month or so ago.

Mamma Griz

Trayvon was a thug? Well, how many decent white-Hispanic half breeds assault police officers? How many decent white-Hispanic half breeds have charges filed against him by a female for domestic violence? Zimmerman was no angel-- but nobody seems to care about what he had done in the past.

I'm still waiting for one of you "experts" to prove to me that Trayvon slammed GZ's head on the concrete as many times as GZ says. His two little abrasions sure weren't proof.


Have to agree with mamma Griz on her assumption of the head banging.

All the words and threats Trayvon Martin was suppose to have said on the night he died, were witness to by the person who killed him.
I always like to hear both sides to a story before I take sides.
Everyone has a story to tell. I would have liked to have heard both stories.


An eye-witness at trial specifically stated he saw martin on top of Zimmerman and punching at him. The events are corroborated by this witness and by professional forensics experts.

The hysterical shrieking of liberal simps is not evidence.

Mamma Griz

Eyewitness? A friend of Zimmerman's would say anything to make him look like an angel. I'm sure that if you were in the same position as GZ, your friend would lie to save your hide.


Please. You have lost all credibility here and frankly, your intellect is now in question. Move on, liberal whacko.


trayvon martin was found to have stolen property and burglary tools on him at school. he was suspended from school for drugs. There is other evidence that he was enamored with guns and physical violence. More importantly, martin had evaded Zimmerman that night, and was free to depart the area for about 4 minutes. This he did not do. he either laid in ambush for Zimmerman, or returned to the area to confront him with the intent to attack and assault him. That is why he is dead. These are undisputed facts that liberal simps refuse to acknowledge. Instead, the hysterical squealing of the galactically uninformed centers on how many times Zimmerman's head made contact with the concrete because of the violent attack perpetrated by martin. What seems to escape the pseudo-intellectual is that there is no correct number of times one can have one's head slammed on concrete by your attacker-it should never happen. A single blow to the head, by an attacker sitting on top of you-is sufficient cause for one to fear for one's life and take action to protect oneself from that attack. This is the simple truth that morons and liberals overlook as they march towards sainthood for this thug who lost his life because he picked on the wrong guy that night.

Dr Strangelove

Bubba-SPOT ON!

Mama Gritz, you need to go to the FBI’s website and look at the stats. Black people are close to 14% of the population in the U.S. The crime rate is the highest of all the races in U.S. BTW you’re showing your racism toward Hispanics but I’m not surprised. Liberals are the most racist people I know but claim they’re not but they judge everyone by race—fact.

Also people forget George Zimmerman has the right to walk in his neighborhood without being attacked by a 5’11” 155 pound teenage punk—no one brings up his civil rights were violated too. I hope he gets some lawyers, sues some networks and welfare pimps like Jackson and Sharpton. I know it will never happen but I wish he could sue that big mouth President who should have minded his business and just keep on ripping off the American people that he does so well.


"Half Breed"! Well, that certainly isn't Politically Correct. I'm offended. I resemble that remark... Can I pull out a race card on that one?


In the words of Daniel Patrick Moynahan:
"You're entitled to your own opinion but not your own facts".
Trayvon was a thug who told Zimmerman he was "going to die tonight" while pounding his head into the sidewalk.
It's time we quit painting over the facts with lies about the poor oppressed black man and start telling the truth. Sooner or later, the ruse of racism will be replaced by the rule of law.

Dr Strangelove

Aw Hacksaw you said something bad about Saint Trayvon! That makes you a racist. They’re liberals they don’t go by facts they go by emotion then attack you because you don’t agree with them.

Mamma Griz

Hacksaw:: Did YOU hear Trayvon say that GZ was "going to die tonight"? I didn't think so. GZ said he heard him-- and what proof is there that Trayvon said it. Oh, GZ's statement-- the statement of a guy who isn't an angel, the statement of a guy that attacked a policeman, a guy who was on mind-altering drugs.

Dr Strangelove

Mamma Griz, how do you know GZ is lying; who are you too judge, you wasn’t there either? GZ went through the court system—get over it. As for the mind altering drugs yes Saint Trayvon was on them that night—fact. Or is the medical examiner lying too?


@Pete: Well 2 of the 3 saw themselves in my post below & outed themselves. Lol! Wherever is the 3rd one?


Please. You're not very clever and a hypocrite to boot. Typical lib.

Dr Strangelove

Thanks Bubba, you saved me some typing. HOOAH!


Patricia, will you people ever be not Oppressed? Always the " race card," or " we are poor and oppressed." You have no ideal what the cop would have done. That's all!


Patricia, maybe you should know your facts before wasting you time writing to the editor. Mr. Zimmerman carries a CHL. That, for you, is a concealed hand gun license. That means Mr. Zimmerman is legally allowed to carry a concealed hand gun. That includes traveling with it in his vehical. If for any reason that you should get pulled over you are to notified the officer that you are a CHL holder and that you do have a concealed hand gun on you at that time. So from what I can see Mr. Zimmerman did not break any laws, other than the speeding he was doing that caused him to be stopped in the first place. Now come on, lets be honest with ourselves, I'm sure we've all done a little speeding in out days. I mean the seed limit on I35 is 75mph in most places, how could you not. But obviously it was not serious enough or fast enough to warrant a ticket, in the officer's eyes. So lets stop hating on Mr. Zimmerman and let him get back to living his life, peacefully.


@ Pete-Good points but expecting civility from some that post here is beyond their comprehension. 3 of these in particular will bash people that disagree with them on just about any topic. Let them continue to reflect foolishness. Makes one feel fortunate to not be feeble-minded.


It seems hypocritical to me that one would throw a rock and then cry that someone else did the same.

Dr Strangelove

Well Viktor as usual bad points. You get mad that everyone doesn’t bow down to your opinion. Bubba and I get into it once in a while but I agree with 95% on what he posts. But as NCOs we insulted each other a couple of times but it don’t mean anything that’s just what NCOs do sometimes; I did it to get a charge out of him and he did it to get a charge out of me. But I don’t think you know anything about that. That other poster (Smithjr38) about the DNA we can all agree that person’s a total wacko.

However Pete, he should post. If you look at all the racists that attacked the freedom riders in the sixties when the American people seen that they were shocked and outraged and it helped the cause of freedom. So I say let Smithjr38 opine because the majority of people in Central Texas are better than this—they know and are shocked that someone really believes this stuff.


Ok Mr. Editor, I've hinted around that someone needs to get suspended from commenting. Apparently you didn't get the hint. Smithjr38 needs to go! We don't need his kind not adding to a civil discussion. His savage comments condemning and generalizing about entire races are ignorant and divisive.


While I don't agree with Smithjr38, he has just as much right as you do to express his opinions. You have no right to censor those with whom you disagree.


Freedom and free speech are a real problem for some.


Reading some comments here there is no doubt that trash exists in all races so race relations could be improved. Comments on some letters saying T. was a big kid & looked nothing like pics in media are off base. Mentally & chronologically T. was not an adult. Good luck to G.Z. if he attempts any bs in this neck of the woods. Texas has a fair share of CCL holders & they won't be slamming his head against concrete if he tries nonsense.

Dr Strangelove

Mentally & chronologically Trayvon Martin was 155 pounds 5’11” not a small child. Mentally & chronologically Trayvon Martin was old enough to join the United States Military. Mentally & chronologically Trayvon Martin was old enough to pin George Zimmerman to the ground, and beaten him savagely to the extent of having his head slammed repeatedly into the concrete sidewalk. Mentally & chronologically Trayvon Martin was old enough to be a thug that his father didn’t contact the police who left a card at his residence until 70 hours later—thinking the police were looking for his thug son. . Mentally & chronologically tell it to MSNBC, ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, etc. who likes to cut and paste 911 phones calls; they’ll believe your nonsense.


The picture of Martin the news media uses was of him when he was 12 years old, so your statement about exposing this news media fraud is off base is totally bogus. Martin was considerably bigger than Zimmerman and in much better physical shape so one again you don't know what you are talking about. Zimmerman didn't "try any BS" as you falsely claim, rather he was defending himself against a thug intent on harming or killing him.


He was a dope-smoking punk gangsta wanna-be who got what he deserved.


More racist rants from the left.


Please move your savage Black rear to Chicago and then tell us how nice the Chicago Police are to you savages where every day and night you savages shoot each others because the other black is either darker or lighter color than you.

The problem is you blacks are also racists and a bunch of savages whom DNA prevent you blacks from understanding how a civilized world works. .

And like it or not Texas is a civilized nation and we have guns to protect us from you savages.
And considering the most of the murders in Killeen are done by you black savages Please Moves ASAP to your heaven Chicago and take your black friends with you.
So we in Texas can live in a civilized world with our Mexican friends whom want to work and live in peace with neighbors . Un like you blacks whom lust and want the government steal from the rich and give to you worthless blacks whom are to lazy to work.

You black say you don't like profiling yet all you blacks confuse white people with Mexicans . And we white people need to join with the Hispanics and form a new party the Tex Mex party whom will ask Mexico to give you all pay back for Zimmerman by sending in the Mexican Army to remove all you blacks.and send you all to Black Heaven Chicago .ASAP

Dr Strangelove

I had to read this twice but you wrote it! “Let’s dismiss the black-on-black crime as a reason why a black life is disposable since statistically white-on-white crime is more prevalent.”

LET’S DISMISS BLACK ON BLACK CRIME? Statistically your facts are WRONG! Check the FBI stats. That’s one of the problems people in this so-called black leadership positions (Why black people need a leader is beyond me; I don’t need a white leader) you dismiss black on black crime then blame it on racism.

We noticed the President opened his big mouth and commented on Zimmerman/Martin case—yet when three 15 year old black thugs attack a 13 year old white student on a public school bus his big mouth was silent. So most white people look at this President, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, New (KKK) Black Panther Party, and the NAA(L)CP L=Liberal as a bunch of race baiters and welfare pimps—you’re part of the problem not the solution.


Patricia needs to know Texas law before she begins huffing and puffing. It is perfectly legal to carry a gun in Texas when traveling. Officers frequently issue warning citations, depending on how minor the offense is and also the attitude of the driver. I suspect the in your face paranoid attitude of Patricia would have resulted in a citation. Officers approach all stopped vehicles with caution and run a license plate and warrant check before they even get out of their vehicle.


Noted. Most often, liberals don't know much about anything and begic shrieking well before understanding that Texas law provides a legal way to drive with a loaded firearm in your vehicle. Moreover, they simply don't care, as they believe that their views reign supreme and should be law. This is the typical arrogant ranting of the liberal, with a good dose of racism thrown in, while calling conservatives names.

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