To the Editor:

The Killeen Daily Herald article “Mayor urges Killeen council to cut funds for programs” (Aug. 19) should be very interesting to anyone who pays city property taxes.

Mayor (Dan) Corbin demonstrated responsibility and logic expected of an attorney, and skilled accountant by his suggestion. He is on track by suggesting re-examination of programs such as: Economic Development Corporation, The Arts Commission and Killeen Volunteers Inc.

These are great programs that served the interest of most, if not all the citizens of our fair city.

But these are not fair times. These are uncertain times, when even the financial input from Fort Hood cannot guarantee adequate funds for all that we want.

Therefore, we should focus on the things we need. Our budget should be based on our anticipated needs with the wants placed on temporary hold.

Everyone has a pet program that can be said to have redeeming value, but we need to put everything in perspective or a hierarchy of needs; basic human needs as applied to an entire city.  

If we assume air, food and water are adequate, safety and shelter are right there near the most fundamental needs.  

Personally, I have a deep appreciation for the arts, but The Arts Commission is not a fundamental need program.

The volunteer program is a great concept, but it should be funded by donations, as the workers are supposed to be volunteers. I implore all citizens of Killeen to support the mayor’s initiative that these enumerated programs and others be measured against “performance objectives” to ensure cost-benefits. Council members, please put aside what you want, and support what the citizens actually need now.

Don Fender


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