To the Editor:

According to the rules, former CIA officials can have their security clearance renewed every five years, providing said individuals act and behave in a manner that reflects their previous duties and position.

I don’t believe Mr. (John) Brennan lived up to his responsibilities as delineated by the rules. This applies to anyone who has ever held a position in government.

Mr. Brennan joined the CIA in 1980 and was later selected by President Obama to be his adviser on counterterrorism. His vast knowledge of Arabic probably played a part. In 2013, he was nominated for director of the CIA.

After leaving the CIA, he has turned personal views on national security issues into exaggerated and unfounded attacks on the president, at times accusing him of treason.

Definitely not an exemplary behavior for someone of his caliber.

It should be noted that in the 1976 presidential election, he voted for a communist candidate (Gus Hall).

In the era of McCarthyism, that would have been a serious deterrent to a position in the government.  

Recently, he gave false and misleading testimony during a congressional inquiry.

There are several others that deserve to have their security clearances revoked. Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, James Clapper, Sally Yates and Susan Rice.

After many months of waiting, records of emails, phone calls and illegal contacts have been provided.  These individuals worked diligently and ruthlessly first, to ensure their candidate won the election, and when that failed, they plotted to bring down an elected president. They should all join Mr. Brennan.   

Many of these high-ranking retirees secure jobs as lobbyists or advisers to foreign countries. Access to classified information would benefit their new position. That could be potentially dangerous to our  country.

The solution: Pull all clearances upon departure or retirement.

I know the president is not timid, shy or tractable, but he is the president. The deceitful plan by those individuals will be exposed.

The results depend on  whether we will continue a double standard that has plagued us lately, or will justice prevail.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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I agree with the writer. No one should keep their security clearance upon leaving the government. They just leverage it for power and personal gain.

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