To the Editor:

OK, oil companies. It is time you quit robbing Americans with your high gas prices. There is plenty of gas and all plants are up and running so don’t try to use that excuse. Cut the price now.

Better still, I hope Americans cut down to the very lowest they can in buying gas until you cut the prices. You are a clear example why we don’t want millionaire business people running this nation.

Our democracy is built “For The People” and your business is built “For The Profit.” Stop it now! Stop being un-American.

Jim Denton


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This is the personal opinion of this writer.

@Jim Denton: I'm sorry to say, that this plead has been and will continue to fall of deaf ears.

And I don't think that you will be able to convince people that 'it would be in their best interest to sacrifice a little in order to show 'big oil' they can loose too.

Right after Maria, when the refinery's were still in an operation mode, and crude tank-age was still in tact, I wrote President Trump about 'using the SPRO Facilities' that is located down in South Texas and Western Louisiana to keep production up in order to keep gasoline/diesel rates from skyrocketing. I think that I heard approximately one or two day hence that 'he did in fact give the order to move 1 million barrels of oils from the SPRO to the oil refiner's, but I do not know if they in fact did.

But the prices did in fact 'skyrocket, and are still up'.

You have to take in consideration the fact that ''Big Oil' dies in fact own most of the oil being produced in this country, and has a hand in most of the oil that is produced in the world. The same holds true for the Natural Gas supplies, they own it and they can demand what price it is sold for.

The crude oil that was in the tanks at the time Hurricane Harvey came ashore 'was ought and paid for. The prices that Bloomberg quotes are prices of oil on the world market and the United States Market for deliveries in November and December, not at this specific moment, yet when Hurricane Harvey came ashore, the gasoline prices started rising and are still up there, and in my opinion, 'way out of sight'.

The crude that was already in storage tanks was already bought and paid for so why was it necessary 'to raise the gasoline prices nation wide when it was a local 'failure of a regional activity'???? It's called 'gouging the public because they want to'. Why didn't they continue to sell gasoline/diesel at the then current pricing???? No they chose to, because of the natural disaster, raise the prices because they knew 'it was something our federal government allowed them to do', so we suffer thru price escalation.

It is a known fact that the SPRO bought Saudi Arabian Crude to fill the SPRO and since it's first shipment of oil back in the late 70's, it has been transshipped at least two or three times, oil pumped in to the SPRO and oil pumped out of the SPRO, to the benefit of I might add 'the oil company's.

So why wasn't this SPRO, in the local vicinity of the Hurricane used to support the delivery of oil to these refinery's when they came on line and to the rest of this nation by use of our extensive pipeline systems, thus negating the requirement that 'the price of refined product must be increased', Well you can be the judge of that.

'Big oil is Big oil' and will forever be 'Big oil'.

Why did the price of gasoline/diesel immediately start to rise, 'because they are allowed to, this government does not restrict the amount of profit anymore'.

This has been the personal opinion of this writer and nothing shall be used, in context or without or changed in any way without first notifying, and receiving explicit approval from this writer.
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