To the Editor:

In response to Col. Boyer’s letter regarding foreign aid to Egypt (KDH, May 18), I would like to know from what source he got the $250 billion figure. A quick search of the State Department’s website shows that figure to be grossly incorrect.

Although Egypt receives more foreign aid from the U.S. than most other countries, it only receives approximately $1.5 billion per year.

Additionally, Col. Boyer seems to be unaware that much of the foreign aid the United States provides comes in the form of American products and services. For example, made in the U.S.A. medical supplies and equipment, U.S. grown wheat and corn, U.S. made farm equipment, etc.

In other words, our foreign aid programs help create American jobs and establish a foothold for U.S. imports.

Col. Boyer implied that we provide foreign aid for the benefit of Egypt’s president.

That aid is provided for the benefit of the people of Egypt, and, contrary to many media portrayals, most Egyptians don’t hate us. Polls show the majority of Egyptians don’t have a favorable opinion of the United States; however, there is a big difference between an “unfavorable opinion” and “hate.”

It’s quite clear that Col. Boyer has an unfavorable view of today’s Egyptians, but I hesitate to say that he hates them.

I’m sure many will disagree with my assessment of Egyptian attitudes toward Americans. Perhaps they can provide some evidence to prove me wrong.

Herve Abrams

Copperas Cove

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Dr Strangelove

I agree with you and have trained with the Egyptian Army. The majority of their equipment is U.S. equipment. They’ve trained with us for years many come here and train at our bases. Their Officer Corps is like ours; respect civilian authority over them and not to turn their weapons on civilians.

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