To the Editor:

Omarosa Manigault Newman could have been fired at any time by the White House chief of staff, or the president, for that matter.

According the Mr. John Kelly, the reason was significant integrity issues involving unauthorized use of government vehicles and money issues.

Why on earth did he  choose the high-security Situation Room to inform her of her dismissal?

If the administration was having difficulty with her behavior, why make a simple decision into a serious affair?

The Situation Room is a Sensitive Compartmented Information Facility, or S.C.I.F.  Major foreign policy decisions are made there. Staff are not permitted cellphones or any recording devices in the room.

In addition, there’s a sign outside that makes it clear:  All electronic devices are prohibited.

Ms. Omarosa was a very insignificant part of the administration and did not deserve a special, gracious termination.

Her blatant disregard for our national security proves it.

If one needs information on lack of character and integrity, her picture will be there.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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