To the Editor:

Why can’t the people hear about the audit (of Killeen’s municipal finances)? We are paying for it, not the Killeen City Council.

Or are Mayor Jose Segarra, Tim Hancock, Dan Corbin, Scott Cosper, Jim Kilpatrick and Bruce Whitis also paying Odysseus Lanier (of McConnell & Jones audit firm) to put off everything till after the elections?

It’s the people paying him (Lanier), NOT the City Council.

Gerald Meier


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@Gerald Meir: In this I agree. Why was it broadcast that this company that's doing the audit should 'hold any comments and report the findings to this council' is beyond me.
This council, as well as any past councils and any future councils are 'Guardians of the money that is paid to this city government', it is not their personal wealth or holdings, altho it puts one in mind that, apparently, that is exactly what this council thinks it is. I am of the opinion that 'this is a farce, a waste of time and our money' to go forth with this investigation into 'just what happened in regards to the wealth of this city' and it should be stopped and started all over again 'with good input this time'.
One of the few who voted.

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