To the Editor:

There are 20 states that do not execute people now.

That has been a relief to Christians in those states whose belief of “Thou shall not kill” is strong in them.

This nation has killed 1,491 people since 1976. Of those, 559 were killed in Texas.

In 2018, 29 of the other states killed 12 people. Texas killed 13.

Over one-third of killings were done by Texas overall and just the other day Texas killed the first person in 2019.

Not to say those people did not deserve to be punished for their crime, but, frankly Christians would rather see them stay in prison the rest of their life and let God determine their sin.

Fact is, it also costs two-thirds more to kill than to lock them up for life.

I think Texas should become the 21st state to stop killing people and let God determine the outcome.

Jim Denton


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