To the Editor:

The letter that stated that the big push against the Supreme Court nominee was from folks hitting on the president was off by a lot.

The candidate has a bad track record of being closed minded on his decisions as an appellate judge. The question now is did he or did he not sexually assault someone?

The person accusing him testified by answering questions from a female prosecutor selected by the Republican senators. That in itself is disgraceful. It would seem that they didn’t have the guts to question her themselves.

Why would this woman with two doctorates go through this painful process if she was lying? More to the point, what would  be her motive in lying?

On the other hand, the candidate had every reason to lie. If you have a daughter or a granddaughter or a niece, you don’t want this person on the Supreme Court.

John Sammis


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This entire letter is "off by a lot." The author completely ignores the bedrock of our judicial system... Innocent until proven guilty.


She has every reason to lie. She is a far left wing activist opposed to the president, and like most Marxist democrats will say and do anything to accomplish her political goals. She should be charged with perjury.

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