To the Editor:

I read with interest in on your Opinion page (Jan. 24) the opinion piece from the New York Daily News about the Covington Catholic school youths not being heroes, just immature.

Interesting. Well, at least whoever wrote it was nice to cover the fact that the kids were attacked and nothing warrants what the media and Liberal mobthink, attacked them with.

The writer made sure to attack the kids as rowdy then equating them as being trouble-makers in New York like those who were attacking the kids (Black Israelites). Then the writer thinks the kids need to learn respect and de-escalation!

Well, let me ask a simple question. Were the kids doing anything before being attacked by the Black Israelites (Adults who should understand respect and de-escalation).

Did the kids do anything wrong to have that fake Vietnam war vet Phillips walk up to them and banging his little drum and got right in the face of a kid?

Is not Phillips an adult who should understand respect and de-escalation? Why is the writer demanding that of the kids when they should have never been attacked by adults in the first place?

I get it: Just due to what a few of them had on their heads, they are OK with attacking kids. Those kids really acted more like adults then those attacking them.

Liberals and Democrats have gotten so far into Identity Politics now that attacking kids is fine with them. Do we hear any Democrats in Congress condemning that attack? No, just crickets!

Hopefully the kids, their families, and the school sue everyone involved with this attack. Seems that will be the only way to get the message across to adults that attacking kids is downright wrong and you will pay for those attacks!

By the way I think there are groups in America that would counterattack (physically) those who attack them like they did these kids. Then again, those who like going after kids in safe places know better than to go into areas they may well get hurt in.

John C. Butler

Copperas Cove

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