To the Editor:

Something quite amazing was in the news recently; Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers QB, was asked by a female reporter about routes run by his receivers. He responded by saying that he thought it was funny to hear a female asking about routes.

Those simple words triggered a national outcry about female degradation and insult to her gender. He apologized publicly on more than one occasion. What was funny to me was someone saying “he insulted a pro ... she’s been doing this for a year.”

Wow, no wonder every female in the USA was offended. Not known at that time was that this “professional” had a history of racial slurs on her Twitter account. Now she’s apologizing!

  Not long ago a tape surfaced from 2005 in which a person by the last name of Trump is heard saying disparaging remarks about women. (By the way, this tape is being played continuously at the “Mall” in Washington, D.C., on a (10’x16’) large screen, as I write this letter. This protest is sponsored by the women’s advocacy group UltraViolet. Within a very short time, people on the Ticket, West Africa and perhaps even the moon were aware of this “unforgivable” act.

Fast forward to present: A very powerful American movie producer, film executive and co-founder of Miramax, Harvey Weinstein, has been doing more than that for past 30 years! He has settled eight cases out of court. Many actresses, models, assistants and wannabe performers are included (Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Ambra Battalana, and others). His defender and adviser Lisa Bloom said he has apologized for past behavior and is genuinely remorseful. She also said that she will not call the issue sexual harassment, but rather “workplace misconduct.” That’s funny.

Where are the Hollywood elite, where are these women’s advocacy groups, where are the mainstream media?

Pedro C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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