To the Editor:

I’d like to know why Killeen has wasted millions of city dollars on the (State Highway) 195 waste transfer site/recycle site?

It was built several years ago, and now local people have to drive into Killeen downtown to drop off items for recycling.

It seems to me that if Killeen wants to recycle, the city should have the site reopened.

I have asked for three years why the transfer site is not open. I was told they don’t have enough people to run it; then again, I was told two years ago that they did hire two new people.

It seems to me if Killeen wants to recycle, the city would open up the old site — and I’m sure 100 percent that the people in the area will do more to recycle.

So far, I’ve gotten no answer back from the landfill people.

It’s just a waste of money to build something and let it go by the wayside.

Oops! I forgot; that is the norm for Killeen.

Frankie Poole


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