To the Editor:

The recent letters have piqued my interest. For starters I am kind of disappointed the officer corps of the United States Army misled me for more than 29 years. They told me that the Russians were our enemies and it turns out that isn’t true.

I guess we just misunderstood them. I had a hard time getting my mind around the letter that stated that Obama was a bigger traitor then our president.

I grant you he was weak but disloyal enough to state that his intelligence agencies were wrong and that Putin was telling the truth. WOW — Hey, maybe the president missed that he was a KGB agent.

When the Berlin Wall came down, Putin’s duty station was Dresden and he immediately burned all his files. However, as the president pointed out we are not so innocent neither, whatever that means.

Any person who would use innocent children as pawns to get his wall, which as all walls in the history of the world would be ineffective sure isn’t innocent.

Although his advisers told him not to impose tariffs, he did anyway and now has a backlash from his supporters in the farm community.  If he ran right now, there is no way he would get re-elected.

John Sammis


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