To the Editor:

How many times have we heard President Trump call the Russian election meddling a hoax? Our intelligence agencies have repeatedly said this is an ongoing serious invasion of our electoral process. We know that the Russians hacked voter rolls by attacking voter registration systems in 21 states.  Trump is suspiciously soft on Russia and Putin. Why were several top Russian spies, previously banned from US entry, allowed to enter? They had meetings with our highest-level officials, including the head of the CIA, to discuss eliminating Russian sanctions? We only know of these meetings because of Russian newspaper. This is occurring at the same time that Trump has refused to implement congressional legislation demanding additional sanctions against Russia.

Remember Trump said no one had met with the Russians — well, except General Flynn, Jeff Sessions, Carter Page, Jared Kushner, Felix Sater, Donald Trump Jr, Paul Manafort, Eric Prince, George Papadopolous and Roger Stone, etc. The Special Council is getting ever closer to the Oval Office. Paul Ryan and the congressional Republicans are shouting lies and distractions.

They have done absolutely nothing to protect our electoral process.  Even the Secretary of State has said the Russians did and are still hacking our electoral process and social media.  

Welcome to “From Russia with Love.” Do-svedaneya, tovareshch

Sandra Blankenship


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According to Mueller's indictment, we now know Russia bought a bunch of $3 ads on Facebook (half of them AFTER the election was over) and paid 45 protesters to picket outside Trump tower after he was duly elected. Their intention was to undermine our democracy by creating discontent in our election. So, it looks like Blankenship and her ilk are playing right into Putin's hands and helping him do his dirty work. Russian love?


What the president called a hoax was false allegations by democrats accusing Trump of collusion with the Russians. That indeed was and is a hoax. One should remember Blankenship is a far left extremist democrat who lost her race for state representative, because her views do not represent those of this district.


Guess this letter was written before Mueller's indictments were handed down. Follow the $ all the way to Soros and Obozo and Hillary.

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