To the Editor:

Last evening I watched the movie “Lincoln.” I fact-checked the allegations made in the movie that Democrats of the 1860s were universally against abolishment of slavery. I found it to be true.

The Republican Party, under Lincoln, not only in 1863 put forth the Emancipation Proclamation but voted to free all Negro slaves then and forever more by passage of the Constitution’s 13th Amendment. Not so the Democratic Party, as it did not support racial equality.

The same phenomenon occurred in the 1960s when the Democratic Party voted against repealing “Jim Crow” laws. I do not understand why minorities vote in lock step for Democrats. The Democrats have never had the best interest of blacks or Hispanics as part of their party platform.

Today, the Democratic Party, under President Obama, is pushing continued enslavement. The Democratic Party is buying votes and loyalty by making all of us more dependent on government handouts. We must stop the enslavement of Americans by finding a way out of the welfare trap. We need employment, not handouts.

Recently, according to several cable news channels, more and more instances of voter fraud by Democrats are coming to the surface. Voters in states Obama narrowly won are being showed voter registrations where the signature showing they voted for Obama is not theirs.

Would these instances of alleged voter fraud change the actual outcome? I do not know. A voter recount in at least three states won by Obama may be in order.

Alleged voter fraud supports arguments for photo voter ID. We must trust while verifying people IDs who vote for our elected officials, as today’s elections are too important to be left to people who cannot verify their identity or citizenship.

Rudeford Norman


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Dr Strangelove

I agree and I cannot understand people saying they’re Christian, Muslim, or Jew voting Democrat the party platform supports the culture of death and perversion.

The Republicans pushed the Civil Rights bill through Congress. President Johnson was a smart guy he seen the change in the country. When he was getting ready to sign it into law an aid said, “Mr. President this is a good thing you’re doing here.” President Johnson replied, “Shxx, I’ll get every N-Word voting Democrat for the next hundred years.” He saw this as a political move nothing more. There is a book where the author interviewed Secret Service, military, friends, maids, aids etc. from the Eisenhower to Reagan Administrations really gives you an inside story about these people—sorry I can’t remember the book title. Johnson was not the most PC guy out there.


@ Johnson was not the most PC guy out there.

I never cared for Johnson after I saw him pick his hound dog up by his ears for the news mens cameras .
And I do believe what was said about his statement using the N word.

A friend of mine was taking a bunch of school kids up to the capitol in Austin to have a tour through, Johnson was president at the time and happen to be in Austin at the capitol.

Once my friend found out he was in the capitol,he ask an aide if the school kids could get their picture taken with the president that it would be a thrill for them.
The aide checked and came back and told the friend that as soon as Johnson was finished he would come out to the hallway for a photo.
The friend happened to be standing near the office where Johnson was at ,
After a short while,Johnson was heard to say
Let me go out here so I can get that picture taken with the little SOB's (He didn't just use the SOB letters though)

The friend was taken aback when he heard him say that about the kids ,but Johnson had a big smile on his face when he walked out into the hallway and the kids did get their picture taken.

So I would have to agree w/ you ,Johnson wasn't the most PC guy you'd want to meet and yes if he called a bunch of kids little SOBS he would also call someone or a bunch of someones, the N word.


You cannot be a true American or believe in any moral values and vote for a Democrat.

Gary Caraway

I am a true American. I vote Democrat. A few of my moral values can be found in these verses. Psalm 8; Mathew 25: 40; Mathew 5: 3-12; Mathew 7: 1-15; Luke 12: 42-48; Mathew 6: 14-15.

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