To the Editor:

I was extremely disappointed in the choice of your editorial cartoon in the April 5 paper. This cartoon depicted an armed intruder identified as the “NRA” outside of a classroom with a teacher and cowering children.

I believe that this was in response to the NRA’s position that schools need better security to include some form of armed security personnel. The NRA’s position would leave it to the school district to determine how best to accomplish this armed security.

This position is a reasonable subject for debate both pro and con, but to depict the NRA and its millions of members as the aggressors who would attack rather than defend the school children is a gross injustice.

The NRA is a leader in the education of both children and adults in proper gun safety. Thousands of young people have completed the NRA Eddie Eagle program, which teaches young children that when they see a gun to “Stop, Don’t Touch, Tell an Adult.”

The program also teaches older children gun safety and proper handling. Additionally, the NRA is highly involved in training of security and law enforcement professionals. To imply that it’s the NRA or its members who want to harm children is patently wrong.

You may disagree with the NRA position of armed guards in schools, but do not accuse the NRA of being the aggressor who would attack children.

Bill Nance

Copperas Cove

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The leftists in this country do not care about truth or common sense. They care about their political, social, and personal agendas. Part of this is to vilify the NRA because we oppose their Unconstitutional attempts to infringe upon the rights of free citizens.

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