To the Editor:

I can’t begin to tell you how deeply disappointed I am in the businesses and people who are so happily throwing Paula Deen under the bus.

If that person (the plaintiff) was so upset by a word she used, why wait so many years to file a lawsuit?

Paula Deen didn’t say anything millions of others haven’t said many times over.

How many people, all over the world, can honestly say they never used an insulting word or phrase to put down a person, a nationality, a religion or someone’s sexual orientation?

I can think of many words used over the years, particularly during any war or confirmative action, rather than the name of that group’s nationality or religion, can’t you? Think over the past 12 years. Ring a bell?

How many people have been denied a job or entry into a college because of their race or age?

I know several big companies, close by, that practice that discrimination.

Do you honestly believe no one, in all the companies that dropped Paula ever said one or more of those words?

Think back. Have you, a friend, neighbor or family member ever said anything like that?

How about some old war movies? Remember the names they called the enemy?

V. K. Krieger


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Its not that Belton doesn't want it. Its what officials did to block it. That;'s where it becomes a race issue. No denying the facts. For two decades streets renamed after white names - give me a break! You call that justice, equal representation? Its political. Its okay when the officials get what they want. Even going as far as to force it upon taxpayers when WE DO NOT WANT IT. People need to quit sucking up to the officials just because they go to the same church. It is the in-equality in America that created the monster that attacked Deen. Its going to get worse because some choose to sweep it under the rubg


We need to get over the past and get on with our lives. I'm sure everyone (black and white) has said some remarked about the other.Lets start treating everyone equally. That goes for black people too. If Belton doesn't want to change the name of a street they shouldn't be pressured into it, you can't just demand something and they cry race.


there was more - it was not just one incident. She hid it well, but, it was those her surrounded her and allowed it who are to blame also. Sweeping it under the rug. However, no need to look up there, its right under our noses in Belton.Belton is no different. One can see a growing pattern of racial bias and special preference being overlooked. for example: Over 20 streets were renamed since 1992; it’s only when the African American community requests a street renamed in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. that the council decides to create obstacles and roadblocks. The Pro Tem Mayor even admits it (8-28-12, Pg.4 Council Minutes) - City council creates a 20-member C.I.P. committee with one South Belton African American and ZERO Hispanics (TDT 2-24-13) - During a May 2013 seminar, a University of Mary Hardin Baylor’s, Dr.-VP blurts-out that in his youth, he was “Too White for football.” Its just all well-hidden.

Dr Strangelove

Go to Belton downtown old courthouse they have a statue dedicated to Our Confederate Heroes I’d love to back up my truck hook a chain around it and tear it down. Same with KXXV News 25 post a comment anything Pro-Life or rightwing they delete the comments but let the leftwing stuff stay.


Why can't people be proud of their heritage? What makes this all about one race? And if you don't like the food, don't eat it, don't blame the cook. No one is forcing you to overeat and get obese. The people every once in a while like something that is just out of this world, doesn't mean you eat it all the time. Everyone wants to blame someone else for their faults.

Dr Strangelove

I think Paula Deen is hypocritical hiding her Type II diabetes cooking all that unhealthy garbage then when it’s leaked she has diabetes she turns around and gets money from a drug company. That’s reason I don’t like her. Also don’t forget it was just in 2007 she wanted to plan an old fashion Southern wedding with blacks dresses as slaves—that’s just sick.

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