To the Editor:

David Whitley, the governor’s nominee for Secretary of State, having advanced by a Senate committee, is now scheduled to face the full Texas Senate.

A two-thirds vote will be required. It does not look very promising at this time.

The reason? His office announced that 100,000 fraudulent votes had been cast in Texas. Later, he conceded that 25 percent of those were from naturalized citizens whose votes should not be questioned.

I believe that even if the figure increases to 35 percent, that leaves 65,000 votes in question. A significant number that merits further scrutiny to determine their legality.

Voter fraud is not a stranger to politics in America and it can possibly affect an election.

Mr. Whitley has been called anti-immigrant and some believe that his actions are racist.

The Texas Senate should confirm his nomination. The solution to voter fraud, whether small or large, is very simple.

Voter ID should be a mandatory requirement prior to casting a vote. Absolutely every potential voter should present his/ her ID.

P.C. Santiago

retired master sergeant


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