To the Editor:

If property owners have not noticed that their taxes have gone up, they will shortly.

Businesses increase their prices when their taxes go up so we pay their taxes too. It seems politicians are well versed on taxes.

On the other hand, most state and local governmental workers are not paid enough.

Not many college students are planning to teach due to the low salaries.

Our state and local police have a very dangerous job dealing with robbers, thieves, murderers, etc., yet they are not paid very well.

What can we do to find ways to come up with more money to increase the salaries and keep good, trained workers?

If working people make more money, they spend more. They don’t hide it in an offshore bank to avoid paying taxes as the wealthy who have whatever they want.

Our businesses thrive and hire more and we have much less spending on welfare.

Texas spends tens of millions on our voting system. Counties pay hundreds of thousands or more just on buying voting machines. We have to hire and train poll workers locally which costs hundreds of thousands.

Let’s all get together and force the state to do what many states are doing by demanding we vote by mail. We already have it for those over 65, handicapped, military, etc., so why not have it for all and use the money saved to pay workers better salaries, which will help our people?

If you don’t want to do that, the politicians will come up with a gillion ideas to spend it. Why can’t Texas voters do what many other states do, which allows them to sit at their kitchen table and vote at their convenience and not have to rush home from work and stand in long lines on the only day they can vote.

If they vote by mail, they have up to 15 days. Think about it and let’s get it done.

Jim Denton


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