To the Editor:

Gun control has been at the top of the news for some time. Mental health issues  go side-by-side with the gun violence of mass shootings and other shootings as well.

President Trump and lawmakers are scrambling for help on this matter, with not much success, to protect our Second Amendment.

Owning a firearm should have strict guidelines to help ensure better protection that the owner is mentally stable. Wouldn’t it sound better, for the public’s safety, if all people wanting to obtain a firearm must first pass a psychological evaluation before moving on to a background check?

So to get your weapon: one, legal age, two, pass a psych test, three, an enhanced background check. Then you can receive your gun license.

Our local police cadets must pass a psych test first or they don’t get into the department. This would be a sensible law, of protection for others. Better guidelines for our right to bear arms.

Come on, Mr. President. If you keep talking about mental health issues, but have no foundation to this problem, nothing will change. Make it a law to not only pass a background, but pass a psych test, too, or this gun violence will just get worse.

I think also, the NRA and others will agree with another obvious idea in gun ownership. As with an automobile registration, insurance, and inspection (safety) and after some time, you would need to redo all the tests to maintain possession of firearms.

It’s sad to say this idea won’t fix all our gun issues. But I think it’s a step forward in gun control laws.

I don’t know how much money is spent on government, enhanced background checks per person, but if you can’t pass a psychological test first in applying for a gun license, there is no need for our tax dollars to be used to go on to an enhanced background check. Would this not save time and money?

Hopefully our country, lawmakers, or Trump can find good, sound and sensible answers to this horrific problem in our society soon.

Steven Provost


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Did I miss the part where you explain how more laws will stop someone who doesn't abide by the laws we already have?


Requiring tests for firearms ownership is unconstitutional. Requiring licenses, or registering firearms, is unconstitutional. So is mandatory training, insurance or any other impediment you can dream up. Your views are dismissed. Spend this weekend researching the history of our great republic, and the republic of Texas, and try to learn something. Study the history of the last century, and try reading our Constitution from the position of the founders. Consider what would be if the citizens of Gonzales had simply surrendered. Again, your views are dismissed, and don't bring it up again.


More drivel from the left. Come and Take It, cupcake.


Perhaps we should put the same restrictions on the 1st amendment as you want for the 2nd amendment. You are attacking law abiding gun owners

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