To the Editor:

RE: Letter from the March 30 KDH: “Kempner reader calls for stop to harassing phone calls”

I can understand the writer’s feelings about the constant soliciting or harassing phone calls.

I, too, have contacted my landline provider twice to be told that there is nothing they can do except for blocking of the anonymous calls to my landline.

A couple of calls showed the originating phone number to be my own.

I was even made aware of the “privacy right” of the caller by one landline provider associate.

At that time I had already blocked approximately 180 harassing calls on my phone, which I bought with blocking capability (a Smart Call Blocker” phone from AT&T.

As soon as a call comes in, one pushes the “block” button on the handheld unit, the call will be placed in the “Block List” of the phone.

Should an already blocked call come in again, the phone will not ring. It will just light up showing “Blocked Call.” No ring!

There is also the capability to put all known contacts into the Directory list (Family, Friends, Doctors, etc).

The phone will automatically block all numbers not stored in one’s Directory list.

The public really needs to get involved in such incidents.

One person alone is unable to let our politicians realize and therefore address the problem state and nationwide to bring change.

However, some talks addressing this issue are already taking place.

E.K. Pearson


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