To the Editor:

Regarding the transsexuals and their supporters who have a problem with the president’s recent decision to not allow transsexuals to serve in the military for cost and readiness reasons, I offer the following:

1. The taxpayer ought never have to pay for your massively expensive “elective” gender reassignment surgery and expensive hormones that must be taken for a lifetime thereafter, not to mention a lifetime of VA disability compensation if anything goes wrong in your elective surgery which often happens in gender reassignment surgeries that military doctors are not well trained to do. All this just because the God-ordained biological gender you were born with doesn’t feel right to you? Your confusion is not the American taxpayers’ obligation to fix or compensate you for, much less for a lifetime.

2. Combat readiness has nothing to do with “social experimentation” or politically correct “special rights” that are neither earned or deserved. Combat readiness means being ready to go to war, not figuring out what sex you want to be.

Figure out what you are first, pay for your own elective surgery, and then enlist as a man or a woman.

Don’t enlist and then change your mind about who and what you are so the taxpayer can foot the bill for you.

Ed Coet


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these persons are mentally ill and permanently disqualified for military service.


Completely agree!

Dr Strangelove


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