I read, with interest, the letter from Mr. Milton Powell in the KDH of Saturday, 11 August and I feel duty bound to provide additional comments.

Firstly, the frequently abused term “assault weapon” is defined as a firearm capable of full and semi-automatic fire, that likely is fitted with a detachable magazine, bayonet stud, and other such militarily useful features.

That said, few actual assault weapons are likely to be found in the homes of gun owners, since any piece capable of full automatic fire is strictly regulated and taxed under the provisions of the National Firearms Act of 1934.

Secondly, it appears that both Mr. Powell and Mr. Dudley are misinformed as concerns what actually constitutes a clip. A clip is a piece of metal that holds individual rounds of ammunition together, usually to facilitate rapid reloading of a box magazine. One weapon that did employ an enbloc clip in the weapon is the US M-1 rifle of WWII and Korean War fame, and with which I qualified in basic training many years ago.

What many people mistakenly refer to as clips, in reality, are detachable box magazines characteristically seen on such pieces as our M-16/M-4 rifles and the AK-47, along with myriads of other military and sporting rifles and pistols.

In view of the above discussion, there ARE box magazine fed shotguns, and they are NOT illegal in the USA. One such shotgun is the Saiga-12, which is an adaptation of the AK-47 action to fire shotshells. I have such a piece in my collection, and they are easily found in gun shops and at gun shows along with a few other examples.

As for his comments concerning the NRA, I must take exception to any such criticism. The NRA has been an organization that provides and promotes education in firearms safety and use since 1871.

That it is the most effective lobby organization in Washington is testimony to the validity of its purpose in preserving the individual rights of Americans to own and use firearms. The effectiveness of the NRA can be seen in the two recent Supreme Court decisions that re-affirm that the Second Amendment is a right of individual Americans.

While we proponents of individual firearm rights continue to educate as many people as we can, one of the constant problems that keeps people from appreciating these rights is found in their misunderstanding of such simple things as correct terminology. When the haze of misinformation is cleared, we can all see things in more accurate, realistic terms.

Conrad A. Novack

retired lieutenant colonel, U.S. Army,

NRA Benefactor Life Member


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Dr Strangelove

Sorry left out a word, should say, police was "NOT" there...


Thank you Col. for clarifying how people try to take away our rights because of wanting to feel good.[beam][beam]

Dr Strangelove

I saw people interviewed after the riots in London and they said, “Don’t let this happen in America.” The police was there to protect them all they had was a baseball for protection against armed thugs. It took 150 years of anti-gun propaganda to get guns banned in the UK. During the assault weapons ban during the Clinton administration there was some .22 weapons banned because of detachable magazines I have a .22 weapon that holds 20 rounds it was not ban because it didn’t use a magazine yet has the same firepower and the weapons on the ban list. The MAC-10 was banned; the company took off the flash suppresser renamed it AB [After Ban]-10 and could sell I legally again. All these dumb laws do is make the gun grabbers feel good. They base these laws on emotion not knowledge. [sad]


I appreciate the Col's. explanation in today's Letters to the Editor,of the difference of fire arms to those such as myself, and to the ones who would speak about a subject they aren't as knowledgeable about as the Col.
Fire Arms have gotten a bad reputation from people who are against them no matter if it would be an assault weapon or a weapon of the smallest caliber.

There has been an NRA membership in my own family for many years, without causing any harm to anything or anyone due to having that membership.

The majority of members of the NRA organization if they have weapons,have them at times only as part of a collection,the workmanship of some weapons and the design can be a thing of beauty to some.

Before any speak of weapons being a thing to fear because what a few people have been capable of in the past, people who I would feel sure, have never been a part of an organization like the NRA.

Let them fear first,what could happen if one of the people's Constitutional Rights such as the 2nd Amend. is removed. If a majority would allow this to happen,what's next ? Freedom of Speech ? If that right were to also be taken,then we would never have the knowledge we received from the Col. in his article, because we wouldn't be able to share and express our individual thoughts.

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